Flying PAL for the First Time!

Okay, it isn't the first time I flew with PAL but it is certainly my first time flying with PAL internationally. The tickets were definitely expensive (about 5x the amount we paid for Cebu Pacific when we went to Singapore last January. That could also be attributed to the fact that I bought the tickets 2/3 days before the flight) but I have no complaints.

euna with papa at pal terminal
Euna with her father at NAIA 2.

bulkhead seat via pal
We got Fiesta class tickets. There are 3 aisles. If in pairs, I would recommend sitting either in the left or right aisle. The middle aisle consists of 4 seats except for the front row which only has 3 seats. I thought it was going to be cramped so I decided to get bulkhead seats upon checking in. It's free for a mother with baby but for everyone else, it costs 20USD/30SGD.

Bulkhead seats
These are preferred seats (i.e. not free) thus explaining the empty seats which is great for someone who doesn't mind forking over extra 20 bucks for a bit of privacy (but we weren't willing to pay the extra 20 on the return trip).

Screen from the left side
You get your own monitor with a stow-away table for the baby bassinet. The flight attendant asked me if I wanted a bassinet for Euna but I declined. In retrospect, I should have taken her offer just for documentation purposes.

Stow-away table
Headphones for your choice of music and if you want to watch the movie to hear the audio.

TV Screen
Huge screen for the passengers in the middle aisle.

Seat Controls
Individual seat controls.

beef estofado
And did I mention onboard meal - complete meal with bread and dessert and choice of beverage? Beef Estofado pictured above with bread, salad, and bizu dessert (panna cotta, I think). Have I mentioned that as a family we are a fan of Bizu? We even had Euna's baptism reception provided by them. Oh yeah, my birthday cake was from Bizu.

fillet something
Sole fillet. This was great food - restaurant level. And choice of beverage includes wine (red/white), cola, soda, juice, tea, coffee, and water which means I didn't have to bring my own onboard!

euna sleep
Each fiesta class seat is provided with a headset, a pillow, and should you prefer, a blanket. Euna above sleeping half the flight away wrapped in PAL provided blanket.

Arrival at Changi Terminal 2
And the best thing? No need to get on the bus that connects the budget terminal to Changi Terminal 2.

Another good thing? I didn't realize the passage of time! Or maybe it's just because it was all new to me! :P Being that it was such a wonderful eye-opening experience, I am now open to flying via other airlines. Will definitely blog about them when I have the chance!

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