Hanabel in CDO

One of the unassuming food places dotting Divisoria tucked away in its own little corner is Hanabel. I think a lot of Xavier University graduates in CDO must have at least eaten here once - except for me! That's why when I was there last month, I decided to check it out.
hanabel spag
The place looks like a homey canteen/cafeteria with the dishes all laid out on display. One just goes up to the counter to place their order, pay, and wait for it to be served (or was it wait to be called?). A rather forgettable spaghetti pictured above.

hanabel carbonara
Also a forgettable carbonara, imho. Sorry if I keep saying forgettable. While forgettable is not exactly a good adjective to describe it and doesn't really paint a picture of what it tasted like, I use it nonetheless because both the carbonara and spaghetti tasted like any other carbonara and spaghetti (though I've had worse) I've had before - and yes, I've forgotten what it tasted like.

hanabel lasagna
This lasagna was what stood out. I can't remember why. It tasted sweet and at the same time there was something to it which I couldn't remember now. You should try it and be the judge. Let me know what I can't put my finger on. But I do like the accompanying pan de sal. It's not tough, rather soft and easy to bite with a light buttery and salty flavor to it. At PhP 95.00, not exactly friendly to a student's budget (no wonder I didn't eat here when I was one!) but I'd say it's worth it.

hanabel halo2
Another forgettable halo-halo which tasted like any other I've had before - topped with Ube ice cream from Magnolia (I think).

euna with aunties
Last but not least, Euna with her Aunties. Euna had a half of an avocado for PhP 20.00. Had to strike a deal with the management to give us the avocado without the shake.

The next time you're in CDO, try Hanabel at Pabayo corner Tirso Neri Street. I'd consider it a landmark already since it has been there for more than 5 years! You can't miss it on weekends during Night Cafe since it is right smack in the middle. Don't forget to let me know what you think!

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