Don't Forget your Moisturizer

One of the things that I've overlooked (well not really overlooked, maybe assumed would be a better word) is my skin regimen while in Sydney. I knew beforehand that it was winter and that temperature could get as low as 5 degrees celsius (it went down to 4 a couple of days ago). Being that I have oily skin, I assumed that my skin regimen back in the Philippines (which consists of using Body Shop's tea tree facial wash and toner and a L'oreal water-based moisturizer) would work for me regardless of the weather. Boy, was I so wrong!

hydrozole + moisturizer
I ended up buying all of the above!

After just 5 days of doing my usual routine, I had dry flaky skin on my cheeks, around the eye, and even on the area between my brows! For someone who has had oily skin her entire life and cursing it, I was definitely not happy finding myself on the other end of the spectrum - dry skin! In less than a week, I feel like I've aged years! That's because lines around my eyes and cheeks were magnified! When I smiled, wrinkles abound!

The skin condition I had on my foot also worsened, apparently caused by the weather. I had 3 tiny scratches on my foot and it has been nearly 2 weeks and they haven't healed yet and one has even gotten bigger! Good thing my good bosses allowed me to take a couple of hours off from work to have my skin condition (on my foot, not my face) checked. My travel insurance didn't cover outpatient cases so I had to fork over for a consultation (with a General Practitioner) and it set me back a whopping $65! In the Philippines, I only have to pay around PhP 500 or 12.50 AUD for a consultation and that's with a specialist already! On the brighter side, the doctors at the clinic looked like they were in their 40s so even with the GP credentials, I was thinking with their ages, their experiences should more than make up for it.

So I was prescribed to put Hydrozole on my foot which should take care of the skin condition and the doctor also told me to buy QV to moisturize the whole of my body. And since I was already in the pharmacy, I also thought to buy something especially for my face and eyes and that's how I ended up with the loot above and 50 dollars poorer (technically, 115 if you include the consultation fee)! Whew! I didn't know winter could be this harsh and expensive on my skin! So if you're off to cooler climes, don't forget to bring your moisturizer(s)! And bring a lip balm too!

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