HFTW 2.0 is Back Online!

Yay! And a big sigh of relief from me. The long weekend I spent trying to figure out the principles of DNS and Domain forwarding. What I needed to do turned out to be so much easier. Unfortunately, this move came at a cost. I'm sure Google's links to my existing posts no longer work. I also lost some comments from a dear friend (which I am going to feature here in HFTW soon) and foodiemanila. Hopefully, I could still restore these but I've been trying to contact my hosting service but they have turned deaf on my requests maybe because they've anticipated that they aren't going to get any more income from me.

The reason why I changed hosting is that mainly I really just want to concentrate on writing posts as opposed to maintaining the whole website. I don't have the time to upgrade wordpress and my widgets all the time and yet I am constantly reminded by these! Aaargh! I couldn't turn a blind eye on them either! Also, I noticed that the website is unavailable at times or takes some time to return the page and I didn't want that. Also, there's so much to be said about the support. I couldn't blame them either as I didn't really pay top dollar to get top service. So here we are now.

Anyway, this isn't all moot as I did learn some things along the way:
  • Delegate. Some things are best left to experts (I should know this adage by heart!)
  • Backup. Backup. And backup
  • Do impact analysis
  • Be prepared

I did all of the above but half-heartedly. I thought that with my IT background, I should be able to wing this (and I did but at cost). Nonetheless, HFTW is now up and running and I couldn't be happier. :D

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