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candy's menu cover
We were back in Cagayan de Oro over the weekend to attend my cousins wedding. On our last day, we decided to try out Candy's, a restaurant in the Rosario Arcade, Lim Ket Kai area serving a host of dishes from Thai to Italian. The first thing I noticed about their menu is the prices - definitely at par (if not more) than Manila prices which really upped my expectation of the dishes.
candy's pizza menu

We ordered the expensive 5 cheese pizza as recommended by the waiter which prompted me to ask if the ingredients were imported (from which country/ies) to explain the price. Since pizza was already cheese, my hubby ordered a tomato-based pasta and settled on the familiar - spaghetti bolognese. My sister ordered one more Aglio Olio pasta and herbed chicken while we ordered another plate of special kiddie combo for Euna.

spag bolognese
The first to arrive was the spaghetti bolognese. Really good tomato sauce. Definitely not the sweet kind.

5 cheese pizza
I still think that this 5 cheese pizza dish is expensive but I found this to be really good - when served hot as it just sort of melts in your mouth. The 5 cheese, unfortunately, are still a mystery to me but they worked together perfectly - whatever they may be.

aglio olio pasta
Unfortunately, this arrived third and I really couldn't taste the flavors of this as the first 2 dishes have already overpowered my palate. Better to eat this first next time and then the 2 above.

roasted herbed chicken rosemary
Rosemary herbed chicken was good as well. The flavors have soaked to the bones. This was served with sweetened carrots and melted herbed butter sauce.

kiddie combo meal
This kiddie combo meal is okay. I like the fried chicken strips which was crispy on the outside and the chicken is still tender and wasn't overcooked. The fries are okay. Spaghetti is typical pinoy spaghetti - served sweet.

four seasons fresh juice
Best recommendation among the lot would be the fresh four seasons juice which serves 6 people. I think this is value for money at PhP 160.00/pitcher.

And since we still wanted to try out their sweets - a slice of coffee toffee and chocolate gateau were also ordered.
coffee toffee
Both are too sweet for me though.
chocolate gateau

Bottomline - expensive by CDO standards. But with regards to the food, I have no complaints. Was it worth it? Hmmm... better to try out the place yourself and let me know.

Rosario Arcade
Lim Ket Kai, CDO

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