Henry's Place

We ate here some time ago last month with my daughter's only Ninang and though the dishes were really good - I thought it was overpriced! But don't fret, savings can be had, scroll down until the end of the post to find out how!
love these appetizers
I asked a second serving of this as this was just too good an appetizer, fried dimsum, crunchy on the outside to perfection. And the added bonus is that this is complimentary!

yum! fusion dish
Sole fillet wrapped around asparagus in tomato sauce. Just delish! Not what I would expect from a Chinese restaurant but it works!

pork ribs (?) with mushroom
Hmmm... Pork ribs? The mushrooms were superb - totally absorbed the flavors!

i can't get over the price of this
I couldn't get over the price of this bowl of rice though! It doesn't look like there's much to it, does it?

There's a promo running at Ensogo right now - only PhP 200 for classic Chinese dishes at Henry's Place by Good Earth (valued at P400). What are you waiting for? Get those vouchers right now so that you could enjoy the above dishes at half* the price!

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