Kingston Suites, Bangkok

Where we stayed the whole 5 nights and 4 days that we were in Thailand for the following reasons:

side signage
  1. It was a fairly new hotel and there were less than 5 negative reviews on tripadvisor
  2. We got the rooms at a very good rate of 50% off published rates thanks to Citibank credit card promo
hotel lobby
Hotel lobby taken in the morning.

We arrived at almost 2 in the morning (3 am Philippine time). Not good with a toddler in tow. I really felt bad for Euna as it was waaaay past her bedtime. The good thing was that we were checked in in 5 minutes.

king sized bed
Hard king-size bed, harder than what we were accustomed to. But the sheets were 100% cotton and felt like they were at least 300TC. Best part, they were clean and no bed bugs.

I tried to haggle for a discounted rate for the first night considering how many hours we've only checked in but no go.

This room was big with a seating area at the foot of the bed. No view of bangkok though as what we could see from those windows was just the facade of another building (I think another Kingston Suites on the way).

Unfortunately, Euna was hyped due to the new surroundings and spent a good 30 minutes more running around the room before settling in.

bar and closet
Bar and fridge complete with tea-making facility which was wasted on us. There were 2 robes in the closet but no slippers!

I liked the bathroom. It was big and there was a mirror across the lavatory.

Two (2) bottles of complimentary water every day. We were provided with toiletries but these weren't replaced everyday.

cramped elevator
And a rather cramped elevator.

  1. The hotel is quite a walk from the sukhumvit road. The roads are not conducive for strollers
  2. The hotel promises a welcome drink and wet towel upon arrival all of which were missing. Not to mention, there were no slippers for guest use!
  3. The hotel offers early check-in and late check-out subject to availability. Weren't able to avail of this as were advised that the hotel was full the day we were checking out
  4. I found one specific female attendant to be stern and inhospitable as if she was the one paying instead of the other way around. I think she might have been judging me for a thai mistress (as I've been mistaken several times of being thai while I was there). Added to that would be that I'm still using my maiden name for personal reasons
  5. This female attendant was the same one I spoke with on the phone to ask about the payment method with regards to the massage. My husband accidentally gave the masseuse 3,000 thb instead of 100 thb as his massage ended at 1 am in the morning and the lights have already been dimmed by then. We tried to get it back and in fairness to the hotel staff, they did help in liaising with the agency so that we could speak to the masseuse. But of course she told us that my husband didn't give her 1000 thb at all. I'd recommend paying to the hotel directly to avoid such a situation in the future
  6. Really cramped elevator which could only accommodate max of 6 people (if most of these weigh under 120 lbs).
  7. Really good, though spicy and limited choice of dishes for room order. And they only accommodate room orders up to 10:30 pm
  8. General area near the hotel is a red-light district and there are a lot of hawkers/prostitutes (both female and transvestites) at night. We decided that next time we were going back, we were to stay in the Silom area.

Would we stay at Kingston Suites again? With the myriad of options in Bangkok and the service that we got (the bad service was really more of an exception than the rule), I would have to say no.

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