Bodriffic Summer Ready?

Speaking of summer, are you ready for it? Are you summer bodriffic already?

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Taken 3.5 years ago!  

Getting pregnant more than 2 years ago has definitely left a change in my physique. I was fortunate to have evaded the much dreaded stretchmarks on the tummy but I couldn't evade the stretched tummy skin and light stretchmarks on my upper thighs (TMI) due to bloating!

maternity shot
Taken during my maternity shot just 2 weeks away from giving birth. I was ready to burst!

I'm a perfectionist at heart and I have an ideal that I'd like to achieve that's why I don't compromise on how I look. Even married and with a baby, I don't see that as a reason to let go. I see it as all the more reason to look my best not only to keep H's interest but also for me to feel good with myself. I always try to look the best that I could afford, time and money-wise. Thanks to the existence of groupons in the country, I now have a reason to undergo what I'd otherwise consider an expensive treatment. Here are just some of the body treatments I've recently underwent:

  • IPL laser hair removal
  • I was already on my 3rd session into this but had to stop when I found that I was pregnant with Euna. In 2008, IPL treatments were expensive. Now, with Ensogo, I was able to buy 4 sessions of IPL treatment with Contours Magallanes for only PhP 650.00 per session. I also bought 3 more sessions with White Beauty (branches in Shaw and QC) but I'm selling them for only PhP 1,800.00 (all 3 sessions already) as I'm too lazy to go all the way to Shaw/QC. Drop me a line via my contact page if you're interested. I've also bought 10 more coupons of this with Dermaesthetique which I'm planning to use for my legs.

  • Diamond Peel with Whitehead Removal
  • I regularly have this treatment every 4-6 weeks at Dermstrata. I usually find after my 4th week since my last session that my skin is becoming dull and rough. I also had to stop having this treatment when I was pregnant with Euna but there really was no need as I was lucky during that pregnancy because I had great glowing skin and rarely had any breakouts.
    Lately, with the advent of groupons, I've bought a couple of coupons from different clinics. One was at Kazemi & Associates along Pasong Tamo Extension which was offered via Metrodeal and the other was via Buyanihan for any facial treatment at Skin Inc.

  • Oxyjet Peel
  • Only tried this once which was bought via Buyanihan. I was initially looking to have a diamond peel but the name oxyjet piqued my interest. Turns out that my face will be misted with water. For the duration of the treatment, all I could think of was "not near my nose" as I'd be having a hard time breathing. Haha! I actually had a discussion with the dermatologist first before the treatment which was good. She stressed that the focus was on a patient specific treatment. She recommended Glycolic peel as the best value-for-money face treatment as it would not just peel off the top most layer of the skin but actually stimulate new growth of skin and collagen. This would have to wait though until Euna is ready to give up breastfeeding.

  • Carboxy Treatment
  • I must have been crazy to have bought this treatment without reading a lot of literature on it. I just read "eliminates stretchmarks" and "no down-time" and I was hooked. Bought 5 sessions of this via Ensogo. Turns out that the sessions actually hurt! But just when the skin has been stretched to its limit with carbon dioxide, at least for me. The pain subsides in a matter of seconds/minute but the injection marks (from where they would prick for the air) lasts 5 days. I am intent on finishing the 5 sessions though as I believe in the mantra "no pain, no gain". That and I really want to stop being limited to wearing boyshort bottoms for swimwear. :D
    Note: For breastfeeding moms, better to not yet have this. I've been advised to wait for at least 5 hours since end of the treatment before I could breastfeed. That's why I've scheduled my next session on a work day. That way, by the time I get home, it's well past the 5 hours limit.

But it doesn't stop there. What I am still considering getting:

  • Underarm whitening
  • I don't think I have dark underarms but they could definitely be a shade lighter. I don't like whitening treatment per se, especially for the face and the skin (let's be proud of our color Pinays!), however, I make an exception when it comes to underarms. :)

  • Lipo-sculpt Cavitation
  • Because I want to have my pre-pregnancy body. I've actually bought 10 sessions of this still from Dermaesthetique. I am hoping for no downtime and no pain. :| We'll see. However, I am also planning to have this together with Plana Forma. Now, I just need to make time for both treatment and exercise.

  • Botox
  • I am so scared of having deep wrinkles on my face (and it's in my genes). But this will have to wait until Euna's ready to give up breast feeding.

The things women do to their body. Have you had any of these treatments already? Feedback?


iSSa_MD said...

nashock ko rye! hahaha! didn't know you are so into this stuff! you're just like Mama, addicted to beauty stuff, LOL :) talk to Mama about these deals pag-adto nila this May, I'm sure ma-enganyo to. we never talk about beauty stuff coz I'm not into it (I'd rather spend money on food, LOL). and I'm sure you've noticed na medyo pabaya' ko with my appearance, hehe! the most I've ever done is apply Pond's cream on my face and dili pa jud daily, LOL :) great thing about this post: we'll know what to get you for your birthday & Christmas in the next few years, hehehe!

rye said...

hehe! nagsugod ra pud ko ani mels when i was working na. didn't have the moolah when i was still in school. “nature gives you the face you have at twenty; life shapes the face you have at thirty; but at fifty, you get the face you deserve.” - this quote really left an impression sa ako. :) ako madunggan kai mama kai whitening. unsa bai ganahan niya na mga treatments?

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