Absolute Waterfront Apartment, Parramatta

I was assigned in Parramata, NSW, Australia. It was a good 1 hour ride away via ferry from Sydney and about 30 minutes ride via train. We were placed in a 1-bedroom apartment, Waterfront Apartment specifically. Not a hotel. It was a good and functional apartment by my standards. Nothing amazing but at least it was equipped with a washing machine and dryer, perfect for the winter season. H also didn't have to wash dishes as the apartment was also equipped with a dishwasher.

h rocking the vacuum
Excuse the mess. H was just about to clean the apartment.

Welcome treats at the apartment when we arrived. But I could still smell the hint of cigar left by the previous tenant.

Fully functional kitchen. Hot and cold water supply for kitchen, bath, and laundry. I got so used to it that when we lost hot water for a day, I went to work without taking a bath. Okay, I went to work without taking a bath on some days even though hot water was running. Give me a break, it was the middle of winter!

All there is to the bathroom.

hamming. unslept in bed
Ok. I'm hamming. But just look at that bed. It hasn't been slept in at all. That's because the bedroom had no heater and we were forced to sleep in the pull-out sofabed in the living room! The only area provided with airconditioning!

bedroom mirror
Instead, we used the bedroom to get good pictures.

view from the verandah
View from the terrace. Not much really and not much use to us in winter.

The good thing about the apartment was the location. Right across is a theater and park, down the street are lots of restaurants, and it was just a 10-15 minute walk to the office. I reckon that on the company's end, a lot cheaper than putting us in a hotel.

For more info, check out Waterfront Apartment's website.

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