Boracay Regency Experience

I was in Boracay (my first time) last August together with my bf and we stayed at the Boracay Regency. By far, it was the best resort that I've been to (Just shows how much I have yet to see!). It was lean season that time so the rates were on a promo and on top of that, they also had a locals package which we availed of. This already included free round-trip transfers, welcome drinks, and buffet breakfast and dinner for two. By far, among the resorts that I've checked and canvassed (I spent a lot of time researching this), Boracay Regency offered the best value for money. It sure wasn't cheap but it sure was worth it. I had lots of pictures of the resort, the food, and Boracay in general that I just have to break these down.

Immediately after landing at the Caticlan airport, there was a Boracay Regency representative waiting for us at the arrival area and ushered us to their waiting van. It was the driver who carried our luggages for us. The van took us from the airport to the port which was actually just several hundred meters away (walkable), didn't even take 5 minutes to get there. We got off to move to the bangka which will take us across the sea to Boracay. They had mineral water and wet wipes waiting for us.

Inside the Van Boat going to Boracay

The ferry ride was approximately 5 minutes. We got off and there was another van waiting to take us to Boracay Regency. Again, the driver carried our luggages for us.

Checking in at the hotel, we found out that our accommodation had been upgraded from Premiere to a Suite. We were very happy to hear this. :D And I was giddy (like a kid!) when this greeted me:

Boracay Regency - Garden Suite

Boracay Regency - Garden Suite view from the balcony Boracay Regency - Garden Suite - Receiving Area Boracay Regency - Garden Suite - Bathtub Boracay Regency - Garden Suite - Bathroom Shower Boracay Regency - Garden Suite - Balcony Boracay Regency - Garden Suite - Pool

Heading out to the beach, there wasn't any vacant beach chairs, so we just asked the attendant and he set up two for us complete with umbrellas.
Smiling me at Boracay Regency's Beachfront

At night, the pool area comes alive with hotel guests swimming. And, the best thing about the pool is that the water is heated! :D They also have towel kiosks near each of the pools where guests could just borrow towels. And it's perfectly alright to bring these towels to the beach with you!
Boracay Regency - Garden Wing - Pool Bar

I don't know whether this is really intentional on Boracay Regency's end and that they have such attention to detail (and the time as well!) or whether it's just some guest trying his/her hand at drawing things on sand. What do you think?
Boracay Regency on Ash Tray

When it was time to leave for the airport, again the same VIP treatment. This time we were provided with Boracay Regency's speedboat instead of the bangka.
Boracay Regency Speedboat

Staying in Boracay Regency was an experience for me. Never had I felt so pampered in my entire life. It was such a pleasant and stress-free stay. The place was great and the service excellent. They have such an eye for detail, anticipating the needs of the guests: the towels provided for, attendants at one's beck and call, mineral water provided for the guests upon arrival at the airport. This attention to detail sets them apart. I sound like a paid ad already. Hahaha! You should experience it yourself to know what I am talking about. :)

TIP: Better to bring lots of PhP 20.00 bill as you'll find yourself tipping left and right. :)

To book at Boracay Regency, I just called their Manila office and from there made reservations and paid via credit card. Though the credit card part is a hassle because you have to trust them with your credit card details, send supporting documents, and send this via email. If this doesn't sit well with you, there's also the option of paying cash via bank deposit.

Boracay Regency Beach Resort
Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan
Located at Station 2

Manila Sales Office
U5B, 5th Floor W. Deepz Building
1033 M.H. del Pilar Street,
Ermita, Manila
Tel. No. : (63) (2) 5231234

Coming up: Buffets at Boracay Regency


Jammy said...

yep. you bet the sand art on the cigarette bin is intentional. Nice review =P

rye said...

wow! cool! they do have the time *shakes head* hehe. thanks for the info jammy! appreciate the comment. :)

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