Overnight in Tagbilaran

It was nearly 6:00 p.m. and I had the evening all to myself. I decided to go out, see Tagbilaran City, buy some essentials at the nearest supermarket, and grab some dinner. I asked the receptionist where the nearest supermarket was and she pointed me to Alturas Supermarket. Armed with my Bohol EZ map, I set out on foot to find where this Alturas Supermarket is.

Tagbilaran City Map

Not more than 10 minutes later, after checking back and forth between the street signs and the map (map isn't up-to-date), I found myself at the parking area of Alturas Supermarket where there was a dance competition. I went in the supermarket to buy some detergent and look for pasalubong ideas.

I wasn't expecting the grocery area to be packed with shoppers so I was surprised when I found myself literally rubbing elbows with the crowd. Maybe because it was a weekend. I was also surprised when I heard the bell toll over the speakers. It was already six in the evening, time for the 6:00 o'clock prayer. Everyone from shoppers, cashiers, those who were restocking the shelves with products stopped what they were doing to pray. I haven't seen this since 2002 when I was in Ayala Cebu with my family and everyone also stopped in their tracks then to observe the 6 o'clock prayer. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.

After purchasing my stuff, I went out of the front door of Alturas Supermarket this time to come out on B. Inting street. Right across I could see the ever-present Jollibee. I looked up and down the length of the street, scouting for places to eat. Shops were already closing then (not even 8 yet!), so that narrowed down the choice for me. I turned left and found Madelicious Ihaw-Ihaw where I decided to have dinner. It looked uniquely "Tagbilaran" to me. I also noticed before that there's a lot of Madelicious bakeshops scattered all over Tagbilaran. I wonder whether the owner of both bakeshop and ihaw-ihaw are the same.

Pecho for Dinner

Madelicious Menu Lantern Inside Madelicious, Tagbilaran Outside Madelicious
I ordered the Pecho (leg part of the chicken) since according to the attendant, the Pecho is their bestseller. I ordered iced tea to go with it since there really wasn't much on the menu when it came to drinks. The chicken wasn't bad. I know that's not a detailed description but there wasn't anything to rave about it that I could recall. But I do remember how much I spent: Under a hundred bucks! :D It has been quite some time since I've had a meal like wherein I didn't have to fork over more than a hundred! That's something to smile about. :D

I decided to go back to Soledad Suites after the dinner. It was approaching 8:00 p.m., pretty late for Tagbilaran's standards since the shops were already closed and there weren't a lot of people out in the streets. I doubt if Tagbilaran has any night life at all and I didn't bother to look for one too. Decided that I had enough adventures for the day, I hailed a tricycle (modified motorcycle which has a covered side car where passengers could sit, usually a maximum of 2. Really cramped and not for long journeys. I tend to bump my head when I get into these things.) to get back to the hotel.

Alturas Supermarket
Address: B. inting street, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 411 3375

Madelicious Ihaw-Ihaw
Address: Just beside Alturas Supermarket (I couldn't find an address on the net! :D)


Albert said...

Great article Rye and great shots!!! You could actually have to other jobs as well...1 as a travel columnist and another as a photographer... :)

rye said...

Salamat for the kind words Bert :) Untana someday.

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