Michael Crichton Dies at Age 66

Michael Crichton source: Wikipedia

Unrelated as this post may be, I would just like to pay homage to the man whose work - "Travels" had such a tremendous influence on me. He emphasized not only the importance of real-world travel, but also the importance of travel within one's self. For him, travel wasn't only seeing new places, it also included spoon-bending without exerting any force on the spoon, going to a psychic, having the dwarf on his shoulder removed. He didn't discount the existence of a spiritual world, the power of the mind, the paranormal. These are all experiences I want to experience myself.

Referred to by Perlow as America's Moral Technologist, it is such a loss that Michael Crichton died last Nov. 4, 2008 at the age of 66 fighting a personal battle with cancer. I am, most definitely, going to miss his future works.

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