Pasalubong from Bohol

These are the pasalubong that I bought in Bohol to bring with me back to Manila. Not included in the picture are the calamay of which I only bought two because they were really heavy and these didn't even make it to Manila.

Pasalubong from Bohol: Peanut Kisses and Chokolate de Bohol

Peanut Kisses is a popular pasalubong from Bohol made from egg whites and peanuts. It is so popular that it has become synonymous with Bohol. These are also better packaged and thus are ideal for export. I bought a box of these in Alturas Supermarket for PhP 380.00 together with the two Calamay priced at PhP 35.00 each. The Peanut Kisses didn't even last 10 minutes in the office.

Chokolate de Bohol, on the other hand, still has yet to gain popularity. I first had a taste of this while I was in Boracay Regency since these were offered in the bar in addition to instant coffee. I have just googled them now and was surprised to find out they already have a website. Last August, fresh from Boracay, I went looking for this and couldn't find any both online and in the groceries. These are marketed as health drinks and they taste really good as well with mangosteen extracts (I don't know how that exactly enhances the taste). It's concentrated, unlike other bland powdered chocolate out in the market today, and not overly sweet. They also have a Cafe Latte which my bf preferred. I didn't buy that one though because it's more expensive. These can be purchased in Alturas Supermarket in Bohol along B. Inting St. at around PhP 125.00 (the cafe latte fetches around PhP 150.00) . I asked around and found out that one of the staff in Soledad Suites actually lives in Dauis where these are manufactured. He bought 5 boxes for me at PhP 105.00 each. I should have had gotten more because I had to tip him so I just broke even. Hehehehe. Anyhow, this is a good alternative for pasalubong. Btw, if you know where I could get this in Makati (or anywhere in NCR), thanks in advance for letting me know! :)


Ryan said...

Speaking of peanut kisses, where's mine? :P

rye said...

Antay ka lang Ryan. Darating din sa yo. :P

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