A Night in Asiatown IT Park Cebu

It was a good thing that my friend Bicar was free for the night, otherwise I wouldn't have had known where to go or what to do to keep myself occupied in Cebu with my sister not getting off from work until past ten in the evening. All the other people I know who are in Cebu were either busy or sick.

After hearing that I'd already been to Casa Verde, Bicar decided to bring me to Asiatown IT Park. It was one of the stops included in our plant tour back in college which was about 5 years ago. The place has changed a lot since then. More buildings have cropped up like The Walk - a shopping, dining and entertainment destination catering to the 24/7 lifestyle of BPO professionals.

The Walk Cebu - Front View
Most of the establishments at The Walk are already in Manila. La Marea was the only restaurant I was interested in (which we did for dessert). I'll write more on La Marea in a later post.

Skyrise 1 - Facade
Skyrise 1, which has offices in the upper floors, ground floor is home to restaurants. One of which is Kul's Kitchen where we decided to have dinner. More on Kul's Kitchen in a later post.

Skyrise 1 - Patio Ecila
Another restaurant in Skyrise 1. I decided to take a photo of this restaurant - Patio Ecila because it looked like a place offering great food. I don't know whether it tastes as good as it looks. Maybe 4 weeks from now when I am in Cebu. Opinions anyone?

Asiatown IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City

Coming up: Kul's Kitchen, Cebu


Pam said...

Haven't eaten in that place yet but if you're in Cebu, you might want to try out Cafe George in Banilad. =)

rye said...

Thanks for the tip Pam. I'll surely check it out the next time I'm in Cebu. :)

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