Solo Lunch at Casa Verde, Cebu

Back in Cebu from my "backpacking" in Bohol, I left my luggage with my sister and having the day all to myself (my sister had to work that day), I decided to have lunch at Casa Verde at two in the afternoon. Having heard so much about it, well, recommended by friends and the high-praises, I decided to finally go check out the place.

Outside Casa Verde

Casa Verde at two in the afternoon on a Sunday is lazy, laidback, and humid. I sat outside, where there wasn't any air-conditioning (they weren't turned on anyway inside and they had the area already closed off) and just a ceiling fan to keep me cool. The attendants were busy cleaning utensils, I assume preparing for the dinner guests, and I was one of the few remaining stragglers from lunch. I think that at night, with the lights all aglow, it'd be a great place to have a romantic dinner.
Quaint Interior of Casa Verde

I didn't really bother to check the menu. After having heard my friends rave about the place, I already knew what to order, and just to confirm, I asked the attendant what he would recommend: Baby Back Ribs. They had my order on my table in less than 5 minutes which surprised me. It turned out I had to give it back to them because the inside of the meat was still cold. Good thing I was in a good mood that day and didn't make a fuss about it. I'd have to give it to them though for being so attentive, given the look on my face, they immediately asked how I found the ribs.
Casa Verde, Cebu: Baby Back Ribs and Iced Tea

Baby Back Ribs at PhP 148.00
I found the meat to be tender and the sauce was good, on the sweet side which would appeal to the Filipino palate, though I wouldn't rave about it (I'm not really much of a meat person). But given the price at PhP 148.00, I thought it was a steal. I would have had liked it more had the sauce soaked through and I could taste it to the bones. All in all, my total bill was under PhP 200.00 which, in and of itself, made me a happy luncher. :D

Going out, I had the sudden urge to pee and I was happy to find this:
Casa Verde Restroom

They don't charge for the service btw, so tip. :)

Casa Verde
#69 Lim Tian Teng St., Cebu City
Tel. No.: (032) 2536472, (032) 2538234


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Kristine said...

Wow, your photos made me want to head there right now. :)

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