Bonifacio Long Weekend in Baguio

Over the long weekend last week, my bf and I were at Baguio (for lack of places to go considering commute time) gorging ourselves, hopping from one restaurant to the next. We arrived past noon in Baguio after a 7-hour bus ride. After hours of containing himself, my bf swore he'd never ride a bus again. I think the 8-hour winding bus ride we took last December from Cagayan de Oro to Davao, where he did end up getting sick, left him wary. The bus ride we took this time, wherein he could hardly contain himself, sealed the deal.

Immediately after arriving, we flagged a taxi that'll lead us to Ridgewood Residenceswhere my bf had already made reservations. We haven't had any sleep yet the night before and so we ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. Before arriving, my bf already made plans where we would have our meals for the entire 3D/2N stay and for our first dinner, we headed off to PNKY Cafe. The next day we gorged ourselves silly. We started with the complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel, went to Cafe by the Ruins for lunch, then Oh My Gulay! for merienda, and finally Mario's for dinner. We only took a break from restaurant hopping when we went to Tam-awan Village in between lunch and merienda. As a result, we spent Sunday night passing gas! Hahaha! It became so bad that we had to escape our room to the verandah where we could pass gas to our heart's content. Nevertheless, armed with a fleece blanket, we spent another hour or so enjoying each other's company under the moon and the stars. In stinkiness and in health, so it seemed.

The next day, after having a relatively not so hearty breakfast (compared to the day before. We were done passing gas! :P), we busied ourselves packing and checked out at 12 nn. We were back in Manila past eight in the evening and readied ourselves for another workweek ahead.

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