Kul's Kitchen, Cebu

My friend Bicar brought me to Kul's Kitchen because he happens to like this restaurant. Unfortunately, I don't share his sentiments (Peace Bicar! (-.-)V). I'll just let the pictures do the talking though I do think I took better pics of the dishes than it actually tasted.

Shrimp Salad
"Bits and pieces of shrimp meat, lettuce, bell pepper, tomatoes, corn & onions tossed in mango vinaigrette".
Kuls Kitchen Cebu - Shrimp Salad at PhP 135.00
All I could say is that this salad was swimming in oil. I didn't even taste the mango vinaigrette, if it was a vinaigrette in the first place. My bf could make a better salad than this.

Sizzling Calamari
"A sizzling platter of spicy oyster sauce completes this tasty grilled squid".
Kuls Kitchen Cebu - Sizzling Calamari at PhP 135.00
This is what my friend ordered so I couldn't say anything about this since I didn't get to taste it at all but he said he liked it.

Creamed Ribs
"You can't miss this thick sauce w/ cream and mushroom served along humble cuts of pork ribs. KUL KITCHEN'S SPECIALTY".
Kuls Kitchen Cebu - Creamed Ribs at PhP 145.00
I ordered this because this is the house special but I can't and don't see what was so special about this. All I saw was corn, no mushroom and all I could taste was the salt, not much of the cream. At least the meat was tender. Still, compared to the Baby Back Ribs at Casa Verde, I would prefer Casa Verde's.

I also had to wait for my dish to be served (they forgot my order) and I had to follow it up. Given these experiences, desserts was out of the question. Besides, I was already eyeing La Marea for dessert. :D

Kul's Kitchen
G/F Skyrise Building,
Asiatown IT Park,
Lahug, Cebu City

Coming up: Desserts at La Marea, Cebu


A Night in Asiatown IT Park Cebu | Hungry for the World said...

[...] Pasalubong from Bohol Kul’s Kitchen, Cebu [...]

-frustrated customer- said...

The worst place to be........walang modo ang may-ari alam na nilang hilaw ung food na sinerve nila hindi nila pinapalitan kasi ganun daw ung pagkakaluto?????xure ka te? may dugo pa and mamutimuti pa nag karne ng manok? ganun ba ang hindi hilaw? ung matandang babae pa ang may gananang pagbayarin at magalit....kapal is that how they do business? kaya pala..... if i were u do not recommend KUL'S mapapahiya ka not only that BASTOS! WALANG MODO! yung MAY-ARI ng kainan....

maxx said...

that was like last year when my friend and i ate in KUL's i waited like 10 minutes for my order and it turned out that my appetite was lost..guess what? i found small hairs in the viand that i ordered not only 1 hair but 3 more hairs? i call the attention of the waitress informing her that there are hairs on the food and she immediately went to the man (big man) i think he was the owner.I was expecting that they would replace my food but to my surprise, he just simply said "ok ra mana ma'am kay buhok mana sa baka" i then replied with anguish "kanus-a pa diay nahimong edible and buhok sa baka?" at that point i immediately went out of the store.i really dont understand how they work when it comes to the safety of the food that they are serving as well as the service that they are giving to their customers. Its not what i am expecting from them. All i can say about KUL's is that service is slow and poor customer service. I never went back there because simply because i had a bad experience with the food and the people that surrounds the store.

Anonymous said...

yeah thats very very true!yung ga staff nila NAPAKAWALANG MODO,hindi nag thathank you,walangsinasabi pag nagservena.grrrr!masarap sana yung food,hindi kana magaganahan sa environement mo

Anonymous said...

tas nagdadabog din pala!walang smile at all.they are so irritating!waaaah

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