Sidetrip to Oh My Gulay!

My boyfriend decided to include Oh My Gulay into our food trip itinerary because he thought I'd be interested in how the place looked, not necessarily for the food. Our meal from lunch at Cafe by the Ruins still not yet fully digested, I also told him that we shouldn't eat much, maybe just order a round of drinks for us both, considering that we still have Mario's to go to for dinner.

Oh my Gulay is on the 5th floor of the La Azotea building along Session Road. So those who haven't had exercise, this will be a serious climb for you. There was no elevator in the building so my bf and I were both panting when we reached the 5th floor.

The Rooster (what looks like a rooster to me) is representative of the place. Made from scratch materials (I don't know if always), it has a paintbrush for its head and beak, wine bottle for its body, pieces of broken plates for its tail and feathers, inverted bottles and spoon for legs. We arrived at the place at around five in the afternoon and so the sun was still out. I could see dust covering the place. It looked like bits and pieces of scrap materials put together to make something new, not rather sturdily (at least to me) so I was worrying the whole time that the floor beneath us would give out (we were seated on the "2nd floor"). If you're into shabby chic, I guess, mixed with art, then Oh My Gulay is the place for you.
Oh My Gulay Baguio - Interesting Materials for the Rooster

Oh My Gulay Baguio - Interior Turkish with Oasis Oh My Gulay Baguio - Interior

Oh My Gulay Baguio - Shoe Wood Carving Exhibit
There was a wooden shoe exhibit at that time called "Saka Saka" (term for barefoot in Cordillera and Ilocano), an art installation collaboration between Hans Angerer and Ifugao woodcarvers. This was meant to showcase the skills of the Ifugao woodcarvers. Read more on the exhibit here.

Though initially we didn't plan on ordering any dish, my bf went ahead and ordered a Kabute Pasta. I forgot to interfere and cancel his order and instead went ahead and ordered Mansanas Crepe for myself (this, among others, contributed to our gas fest that night). I liked how the caramelized apples tasted of cinnamon. I also liked my bf's Kabute Pasta which was made of Al Funghi garlic (I have no idea what this is), mushroom, and cheese sauce. It tasted like carbonara to me without bacon and that sickening taste over time. I think it's because the sauce doesn't have salt and you actually use parmesan to flavor the pasta.
Oh My Gulay Baguio - Mansanas Crepe at PhP 60.00

Oh My Gulay Baguio - Happy Huneeesh with his Kabute Pasta at PhP 100.00 Oh My Gulay Baguio - Menu

Oh My Gulay Baguio - View of Baguio
Another great thing I noticed about the place only as we were leaving is this magnificent view of Baguio. They also have tables at the terraces where you can enjoy the Baguio breeze while enjoying your meal at the same time.

Oh My Gulay!
5F Azotea Bldg., Upper Session Rd.
Baguio City

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