Tam-awan Village, Baguio

After that hearty meal at Cafe by the Ruins, we immediately hailed a taxi to get to Tam-awan Village. Tam-awan means vantage point and named so because one can view the China Sea sunset from the village on a clear day. However, in our case, such didn't happen because the sky was overcast with clouds and I even had a hard time taking a picture of some of the huts since I still don't know how to limit the light entering into the lens (I know I need to either read the manual or take basic photography lessons). Still it is interesting that the word tam-awan which means vantage point is so similar to the Cebuano word tan-aw which means "to see" or "look". I wonder who influenced who. Don't you?

Tam-awan Village was initially started by the Chanum Foundation with the objective of providing people with a view and feel of the Cordillera Village. Knocked-down huts from Banga-an, Ifugao are transported and reconstructed here.
Luccong (Upper Class Kalinga Hut) circa 1923
Above is an upper class Kalinga hut.

The Dukligan , which is a fertility hut, is where couples stay for a month to conceive, blessed by a shaman. However, if after a month, the couple still hasn't conceive, then the man may bed another woman though the marriage is still in effect. After which, it is now the woman's turn. The purpose of this is to determine which of the couple is infertile.
Tam-awan Village - Dukligan (Fertility Hut)
What a way to find out! At least they don't have that double standard by just giving the man the right to bed another woman! These huts can be rented for the night that's why you have concrete at the back since this actually is the bathroom/restroom. Check out the rates here.

Tam-awan Village also houses art exhibits and workshops. They also have artists who would sketch visitors for a fee. We were billed PhP 300.00 since we had ourselves sketched as a couple though if you're by yourself, they charge PhP 100.00. Below is a picture of my bf with some of the paintings in the background and holding a sketch of himself.
Tam-awan Village -  BF with the Paintings

The Ugnayan Bridge was "built by Mang Ugnay Buhhong, a native from Banaue, Ifugao and Mang Pedro who hails from Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. From the Filipino term "ugnay", coincidentally one of the builders' name, meaning "to unite" or "to connect", this symbolizes the tie-up between the lowland and the highland people". I felt like a kid crossing this bridge reminding me of the movie "Bridge to Terabithia".
Tam-awan Village - Ugnayan Bridge

Tam-awan Village - Sculpted Wood Tam-awan Village - Can you toss the coin successfully into the bamboo? Tam-awan Village -  Souvenir Shop
The place also has a souvenir shop but we didn't get anything. It houses the usual wares. Personally, I think that the best thing to bring back with you from the place is a sense of history, a sketch of yourself/couple (hastily drawn within 20 minutes) and... lots of pictures! :D

Tam-awan Village
366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio
Tel. #: (074) 446-2949, (074) 442-5551
Mobile #: +63 921-588-3131

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