Bohol Revisited: If you must, then get on the Riverwatch

Remember my not so stellar experience with the Loboc river cruise buffet on my first bohol trip here? This time, I made sure that I was on the right boat, well at least the boat that offered the best buffet (compared to the others). The driver assured me that feedbacks before for this river cruise was okay, if not great. So despite doubts and apprehensions that this might yet be another waste of PhP 300.00 (make that more than 2k because there were eight of us), I decided to take his advise and stepped on the Riverwatch.

Riverwatch Loboc River CruiseHungry!!! Riverwatch Loboc River Cruise Desserts Riverwatch Loboc River Cruise Dishes

Actually, we did not immediately step on the Riverwatch. We had to wait for how many minutes (nearly an hour) to get on the boat and this was already past noon. By the time lunch was served, as shown in the first thumbnail, stomachs were already grumbling and there was a mad rush to the table. When I got to the table, there was nothing left of the main dishes and so I had to wait for these to be refilled. To their credit, the food definitely tasted better compared to my previous experience (remember that this is a different boat). I know the pictures aren't much but they definitely tasted better than they looked. Blame me for not positioning myself earlier and even if I had, I couldn't really keep the hungry mob from the table long enough for me to be able to take at least flattering images of these. I particularly enjoyed both the grilled fish (which was wiped out in seconds!) and chicken adobo. As for the dessert, I enjoyed the saba banana, bibingka, puto, watermelon, and mangoes on the table. I lost track of how many refills they did, but refill they did. And since I enjoyed the food, I wasn't disappointed. All in all, I'd say if you really want to go on a Loboc river cruise with lunch buffet included, then get on the Riverwatch. That's where you'll get the most value out of your money (hopefully this stays true into the future). But if you just want to cruise along Loboc river minus lunch, I read that there are smaller boats that provide this service for only PhP 50.00.

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