Dahilayan Adventure - Almost!

I've been seeing pictures of this adventure park for some time from my FB friends and decided to visit the place while I was in CDO. I sent a text message to their sun number (as posted in their website) and despite not receiving any reply, decided to push thru anyway since it's a holiday (Christmas!) and assumed that they'll be open.
Dahilayan Overview
Dahilayan Center

Unfortunately, we got there and no one was around to operate the cable lines. To be fair, I should have given them a call. We weren't the only ones though. There were others who went there expecting to have some "extreme" fun and who ended up going home bitin and saying sayang!. It really is, sayang, since it isn't easy to get to the place. It's quite a long ride (more than an hour in our case coming from Tagoloan) and the road leading to the park still needs to be developed, not to mention the gas. Nonetheless, we contented ourselves by taking pictures.
Dahilayan Adventure Park - View from the Other Side
Dahilayan Zip Zone Dahilayan Adventure Park I wonder how it'd feel? Dahilayan Adventure Park -  Cable Line Dahilayan Zip Zone December 2009 Promo Rates
They are still on promo rate (as of December 2009). Check the picture on the far right for their rates.

How to get there:
Relatively, it was easy for us since my father used to work for Del Monte and was very familiar with the ins and outs of Camp Philips. From Puerto, we went through Camp Philips and went out through a street named Camp Philips Extension where we found I don't know how many kilometers of open field just planted with rows and rows of pineapples. This is a straight road, not cemented, but flattened and hardened by the number of times heavy trucks have gone through the area. The rough road began after that where one could encounter rows and rows of bell pepper planted on the left side and tomatoes on the other. It's a relatively straight path until one gets to a cemented road where there's a basketball court on the left side. Turn left and then right and straight ahead, there's a fork. Going straight leads to Dahilayan Adventure Park and the left leads to Mountain Pines Farm and Mountain Pines Place. It's very easy to be worried while on the road because it really does feel like you're in the middle of nowhere but don't fret since every once in a while, a sign is visible to mark your progress (unless you're already lost. haha!).

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2010 from your HFTW Family!
HFTW family at Dahilayan Adventure PArk

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Mobile: +63 922 880 1319
Landline: +63 88 856 23 51 local 503


dahilayan adventure park said...

this is the best way to experience great adventure.

shyne said...

wow great! its nice one.....

keep up the good work


Charito Gonzales said...

Want to know if there's accomodation in the adventure park. We would like to visit the place on feb 18, 2010.

rye said...

@Charito: I think there's a place nearby called Mountain Pines offering accommodations. You can visit their website at http://mountainpinesplace.com/.
.-= rye´s last blog ..Flying Domestic with an Infant =-.

javy said...

we were there last March 30-31, 2010.. since its a holyweek we were given the chance to visit the place...its beautiful place and i am so excited to try the 840m zipline...i never been in that place before so i thought its not that far but i was wrong....from manolo terminal to dahilayan park i think its 45 mins ride and the road is not that good....actually dahilayan is the last bario its very far and wow its sooooo cold there!

try to visit Dahilayan Adventure Park where you can find the "Longest Zipline in Asia".....its fun! and try the Extreme Adventure!!!!!

rye said...

might get to try it this weekend javy. :) how was your zipline experience?
.-= rye´s last blog ..Woe to PAL =-.

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