Another Reason Not to Fly Cebu Pacific

After spending Christmas in CDO, we (Ariz, Euna, and I) flew to Davao via Cebu Pacific to spend the New Year with Ariz's family. We purchased the tickets last October and reserved (paid) for bulkhead seats. I did this because I knew that with Cebu Pacific planes, the seats that'd allow me the most room are the bulkhead seats where there will be no chair in front of me. Unfortunately, I didn't read the fine print and was told by a Cebu Pacific staff while checking in that she couldn't give us the bulkhead seats we reserved for since it is also the emergency exit. As a safety standard, only able-bodied adults without an infant can be seated in the bulkhead seats. I understood the situation but what I couldn't understand was how the system could have allowed us to reserve for the seats when I've also specified that we were bringing an infant with us.

Cebu Pacific E-ticket

It didn't help that the Cebu Pacific staff manning the other check-in counter (for Manila) chimed in the conversation and told us that she tried reserving for bulkhead seats with an infant and wasn't successfully able to do so, that the system returned an error. Well, the very same system allowed me to do so! We were told that the only thing that she could do (the one who explained the situation) was to provide us with a complaint form wherein we could ask for a refund (but there's no guarantee that we'll be getting it and I highly doubt the possibility). Now I'm worried that we will encounter the same issue when flying to Singapore in January and conveyed this to the staff but was told that with bigger planes, it should be alright as long as the seats that we reserved for are on the other end of the emergency exit door. I hope she knew what she was saying and wasn't just trying to appease us.

I'm waiting for when PAL opens a CDO-DVO route. The only reason why we still ride Cebu Pacific is that sometimes their promo fares are just unbeatable. But I'm no fan of Cebu Pacific. Before purchasing that ticket, make sure you have also checked PAL's rate. Most of the time, the fares are roughly the same (PAL even cheaper at times if you consider insurance, etc.). If the difference is just under PhP 500, PAL definitely offers value for your money.


Sheena said...

Thanks for this review..Im currently researching on a comparison between two airlines having an infant on board..and buti nalang 400 lang difference sa fare.. will definitely book PAL.. :D

rye said...

Glad to be of help. Definitely PAL provides better service than Cebu Pac, at leas in my experience :)

Anonymous said...

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