Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary

This time last year, I was in Bohol doing the island-hopping tour with my family. One of the islands we visited was Balicasag, a marine sanctuary where I saw corals, colorful fishes, and a school of Talakitok, lots of them, forming what looks to me like a funnel! It was simply breathtaking and I lament, yet again, the fact that I haven't taken up diving - yet. Though I must admit that I have a fear of drowning every time I snorkel without a life-vest on. I hope Camiguin Action's offer for free diving lessons is still open. Anyway, I took some underwater pics using a digital camera and here are some of them:

Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary Underwater Life
My Mother and Sis Aboard a BangkaBalicasag Island Marine Sanctuary Corals Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary Corals Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary Abyss

That's a lot of Talakitok!Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary - Underwater Life with School of Talakitok Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary - Underwater Life What looks like a funnel! School of Talakitok School of Talakitok

I left the experience thinking how fragile Mother Earth already is that we need to have sanctuaries to preserve what we have and even that isn't enough. On a side note, we went to North Cotabato last night to spend the New Year with my husband's extended family. He told me that the weather there was cold and expecting the temperature to be lower than 25 degrees celsius, I only brought long sleeve onesies and pajamas for Euna. Turns out we needed a fan to keep us cool and Euna ended up with a sweatful of head. That's the extent of the effects of global warming. I'm already doing my fair share by not throwing my garbage anywhere but that isn't enough. More is required from me, from us. I, we, need to find ways to minimize our carbon footprint. That's HFTW's resolution for 2010. I'm afraid there'd be no more world left to explore if we continue to go about our usual ways. Cheers to a greener 2010!

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