Outland Adventure in Davao

Since I wasn't able to get some adrenaline rush while I was in Dahilayan (read about it here), I was hankering for some while in Davao. It was no problem since there are actually several venues where one could have these experiences. The only problem was the schedule and we were able to squeeze it in one fine afternoon at Outland Adventure through the Xcelerator.

outland adventure banner

Touted to be the "Longest, Fastest & Tallest Zipline in Asia! (according to their website), I expected the place to be well-maintained and with their claim to be the only US Certified zip line in the Philippines, I also expected safety to be their topmost priority. Let me just say that I didn't find the trail to be well maintained. There were areas where one could easily slip and there isn't always a handrail to hold on to. We weren't given any life vest for the ride across the river and the guides didn't wait for the last person at all (which was me). Both of them were at the head of the pack. Given that I was taking pictures, I thought still that for safety, there should be a guide both at the front and at the tail, just in case. It didn't help that they were chatting with themselves. It'd have been a nice touch had they given us a background of the place/trail while traversing. They didn't even bother to introduce themselves. The only reason I could think of why they let the place go (aside from lack of funding), is that they want to provide their customers with that rustic experience but I beg to digress, safety IS safety.

So much for my complaints, I am still alive to blog about this experience. Here it is:

There are 2 ways to zip line: sitting or superman. I chose to go super(wo)man.

Being harnessed

For someone out of shape, it was quite a trek for me. I took enough pictures for you to feel like you're on the trail with me.

outdoor adventure trail leading to the river
Starting point.

hut near the river
Cottage near the river. I assume for resting (though it looked unused).

waiting for the raft
The river that we had to cross.

what we were getting on
What we were getting on.

getting on the raft
All aboard! See? No life vests!

view while crossing the river
The view to the left while crossing the river.

first trek after crossing the river
Finally arrived on the other side of the river. Start of the trail. Remember: Go at your own pace!

second sign to xcelerator xip line
Second sign marking our progress.

huneeesh already panting
Haha! Huneeesh is already panting! Though he wasn't the only one.

40 meters more 40 meters more trail
Hurrah! Forty meters more shouldn't be far off, eh?

last uphill climb
Only to find out: another uphill climb!

launch tower
Finally, the launch tower!

ouch last minute jitters
And here I am, getting patted down for final check and feeling last minute jitters.

great outdoor adventure
There she goes!

definitely enjoyed it
I expected the super(wo)man to be similar to the pictures I saw from Dahilayan where there's a tarp under the rider. Boy, was I wrooong! Though I definitely enjoyed it! Go back one more time? Sure! But not through that torturous trail again!

This was taken at the top. Sad to see plastic everywhere. Maybe Outdoor Adventure can give discounts to those who would bring water placed in reusable jugs instead of disposable containers? We are all for a greener earth right?

The Xcelerator experience set us back PhP 300.00 each. The 2nd to the last pic was taken by someone from Outdoor Adventure using telephoto lens. One printed picture costs PhP 100.00 but I wanted to get a digital copy so I paid for three (3) printed pictures so that I'd have a copy of the files. It was robbery, I know, but it was a one-time thing for me.

For more info on Outland Adventure, you can check out their website.

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