Eats at Banquet Food Court, Parkway Parade

Ok, the truth is, we didn't eat much while in Singapore. It must be because there was just too much to see and do, eating wasn't on the top of our list. And we were unprepared. Though I did a bit of research on where to eat, I wasn't able to jot them down and the internet at the hotel was just so darn expensive (but my husband, who can't live without going online, later found out a way to connect to the public wifi)! So most of the time, we just followed where the locals (office workers and the like) are: hawker centers or food courts. One of which is Banquet food court in Parkway Parade just across the hotel we were staying at.

Food stalls

It was just before lunch time when we got there and there was already a smattering of office workers on their lunch break. From what I've observed, the food court offered a selection of Western, Indian, Malay, and Chinese cuisines. Each stall also proudly displayed the awards (certificates) they've won in cooking competitions. My husband wanted to try the Stringray Sambal (pictured below), one of the few dishes we remembered in our list to try along with satay.

Sambal Stingray
It had a fishy taste with a crab meat like texture. And the sambal was just spicy! On initial contact, nothing, but later on, the spiciness just creeps up and consumes you. It is an excellent idea to have water or a drink on hand.

I got something familiar - Yang Chow fried rice. Rather similar to North Park's minus the meat with more shrimp. I was also given the choice to top it with fried garlic and green onions which really reflects what Singapore is today - a mix of races and different cultures all in one pot. You get what you want and leave what you don't which showed me how the different cultures and races have learned to live with each other all these years.
Yang Chow fried rice

Shark's fin soup. We really should stop ordering this to stop shark fin farming but it was goood. I really should strengthen my resolve not to get this dish again (well, it was my husband who ordered this *wink*).
Shark's fin soup

Al fresco dining
We ate indoors but they also have an al fresco dining area. Btw, everything was just so clean! Sigh... I'm loving Singapore!

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