I Have a Dream

Chile has just been recently struck by an earthquake and now Hawaii is bracing for a huge tsunami. In the Philippines we're preparing ourselves for water shortage and rotational blackouts (already happening in some areas) in the coming months. We've been through 3 major storms in 2009 and the victims of the latest typhoon Ondoy haven't even gotten up on their feet yet. I'm afraid. I'm very afraid. Afraid most of all for my daughter whose future is so uncertain. I am afraid of the kind of world I'm going to leave her with.
Frank did all this

Because of this, I've resolved that someday, when I have the resources, I'll build a green and efficient house. A house that will run on solar energy, a house designed to harness the wind and the environment to keep it cool, the kind of house that will use water efficiently, a house that will use only sustainable materials and if possible reuse and recycle existing materials.
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Someday, I am going to drive a green car, a car that will run on sustainable energy and will leave no emissions. A car so efficient, I will never feel guilty about owning and driving one.
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I have a dream of a greener earth, a welcoming earth that will nurture my daughter and her daughters and her daughter's daughters. Someday...

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