Singapore: Trying Out Qiji

Qiji at Funan IT Mall
It was noon when we got to Funan IT Mall. We were hungry and looking for a place to eat. So when we saw this food place packed with office workers lining up at the counter, my husband and I thought that if their food isn't great, then it mustn't be that bad right? The pic was taken an hour after the lunch hour rush.

Qiji Menu

When I saw banana leaf used as plate covers in their menu, I thought this place must offer "traditional" Singaporean dishes. We ended up ordering a set of Nasi Lemak and Laksa. It turned out that these dishes are not just unique to Singapore but to Malays and Indonesians (which really just means it "is" Singaporean since Singapore is a host to these different nationalities).

Qiji: Laksa with cockles
It was my husband who ordered Laksa and I loved it (but not the cockles aka mollusks). My husband didn't know what cockles were and they ended up uneaten pushed to the side of his plate. From what I could taste and see, it's actually a noodle in gata (coconut milk). Mixed in were shrimps, fish balls, and cockles and topped with sambal (chili paste) and coriander.

Qiji: Nasi Lemak
I ordered the Nasi Lemak which was alright. I love the rice though which was cooked in coconut milk (Reminder to self: should try making this). This was a set and included were: dried fish (anchovies aka dilis) with nuts, egg, fried chicken (nothing special), sambal (chili paste), and that orangey thing whose name I forgot at the front which to me was meant to be for dessert (correct me please if I'm wrong).

Qiji: Iced coffee tea wiwth milk
And what better way to down the meal with Qiji's iced coffee/tea with milk. My husband and I both love this, specially the sago! Really love how glutinously (is that a word?!) melt in your mouth the sago was. I did wonder though why fruitshakes aren't provided in these food places? Is it because fruits are just so darn expensive in SG (read my post on mangoes)? Someone please enlighten me.

All in all, it wasn't bad considering the price and it was a great experience for our palate. The taste was familiar yet new at the same time.

Qiji has a website. You can check them out at

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Anonymous said...

Hi, that is not sago in your drink. Sago is near transparent but this is called tapioca balls.

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