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I know! I know! I still haven't finished my series of Singapore posts and here I am writing about Manila Diamond Hotel. Well, I just thought that with the day of hearts coming up, I should just help out those out there who haven't decided yet where to spend it with their other halves. I know where I'm spending mine - at home babysitting! Haha! Anyway, here's a peek of Manila Diamond Hotel to give you an idea if you're intending to head there this Valentine's day.

It was our 18th monthsary when my then-bf (now husband) decided that we spend it at Manila Diamond Hotel. He looked for a suitable package, found it and booked an overnight stay for 2 in a superior room with buffet breakfast. Pictured above is Manila Diamond Hotel's superior room with my then-bf helping himself to a banana from the complimentary fruit platter.

Yours truly
Yours truly (looking such a mess. I didn't have the time to take a bath much more put makeup on! haha!) enjoying what should have been a spectacular view of Manila Bay's famous sunset. Unfortunately, it was cloudy that day (and for good reason. Read on to find out!)

I love taking photos of restrooms (in general, not just hotels) as you might have already noticed if you've read my previous posts. I just need to look at the restroom and I'll judge the whole place based on that. Works most of the time. Wouldn't you agree?

Hotel Diamond Bar
Now, I am loving the selection here! On top of the standard coffee/tea making facility, a disposable camera and clorets! That's really thoughtful! Well, expensive (check the left thumbnail below to find out the price) but thoughtful still.

Bar Price list Inside the closet
Left thumbnail shows the bar price list and right thumbnail shows the innards of the closet. Just click to enlarge. I have no images of the buffet spread though. I was too busy eating to take pictures. Hehe!

Frank did all this
On the way home, Frank aka Fengshen - the tropical storm that killed hundreds, greeted us with this. We had a hard time finding a road that's not flooded back to Makati.

Anyway, that's it for Manila Diamond Hotel. If you'd like to know about their packages, just email the hotel (that's what my husband did) since most of the time, these hotels have special rates for Filipinos (same with Boracay Regency). For the price we paid that time, it wasn't a bad deal.

For details, check out Manila Diamond hotel at

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