Andanita Taj, Tagaytay

I am really just trying to push all of these in before V day and this is actually my last one in my 3 series of accommodations/where to head this Valentine's posts. Read previous 2 here and here. I was thinking that maybe these could help lovebirds out there frantically searching for places to bring their loved ones to this day of hearts.

Our very first road trip as a couple was to Tagaytay. We didn't know then that I was already pregnant which really explained the lethargic state that I was in at that time (and why I wasn't enjoying all the food). We went there in December of 2008 to celebrate our 2nd anniversary as a couple. It was my husband who did the planning, told me that I was in for a surprise, that the hotel had a theme going and that it was a great hotel. Of course, bold statements such as these upped my expectations.

Andanita Taj - Casablanca Deluxe
When we got there, I definitely wasn't impressed. It was a small hotel (if it could be referred to as such). It wasn't done yet, and the common bathroom was just dark! I couldn't say dingy because I really couldn't see! And to top that off, we paid full price for the room because it was peak season! And we had to wait while they cleaned the room and the staff needs training. Badly!

My husband reserved for the Casablanca Deluxe room. It was't cheap mind you and so I was certainly disappointed when I could feel the dampness on the walls and the floor. It didn't help that the place didn't offer slippers for guests! I haven't tried the other hotels in Tagaytay but is it normal, really, to expect dampness in the rooms? Is this common with the other hotels? As for the theme which was indian-inspired, it just felt contrived. Well, almost everything is contrived these days but it just fell short from feeling authentic. I couldn't really put a finger on it.

Andanita Taj - Casablanca Deluxe Chair

That's all the closet the place provides as seen in the mirror's reflection. The bathroom is just so-so and not even made well. Haha! The floor was uneven, sloping to the side so that water would just (naturally) drain.
Andanita Taj - Restroom

Yes, that's a (zoomed) view of the Taal volcano taken from my Nikon D40 using kit lens.
Andanita Taj - Taal View

Am I going back? Hell, no! Even if Dingdong Dantes and Karylle were reputed to have stayed at the place (well, they're no longer together now so that should tell us something right? Haha!). The place was just way too overpriced (for me) for the service and amenities that we had. Not worth it at all. Maybe they've done changes now and maybe the place is better after a year but once is, really, enough. My husband has learned his lesson and I've learned mine (that's why I do most of the searching and planning these days).

So there you go. That's a wrap-up for my Valentine's posts. Advance happy hearts day to all!

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