Breastfeeding Euna

With Euna at Terminal 3
We're turning a milestone tomorrow as my daughter is turning 6 months which means I've been breastfeeding her for that long as well! Yay to both of us! I've breastfeed Euna all over the Philippines. At least in Manila, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro. I am glad that breastfeeding is gaining momentum here in the Philippines with SM (largest mall chain in the country) offering a breastfeeding station in every SM mall or at least the SM malls I've been to which would be SM Makati, SM Davao, and SM Cagayan de Oro. Rustan's Makati too also has a breastfeeding station as well as Market! Market! in the fort. As glad as I am with what we have achieved locally, I couldn't help but compare it to Singapore. Everywhere I went to, there was a breastfeeding station! Even the Singapore Museum has one! Which leads to me write this: Why I love Singapore #1: Breastfeeding Stations!

Happy 6th month to my little girl. Mama loves you so! xoxo

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