Why I Love Singapore #1: Breastfeeding Stations!

So there we were going around Singapore with a 5-month old in tow. I was worried that I might have to breastfeed Euna in public but a quick google search informed me there was no need to worry. Lists of breastfeeding stations in Singapore can actually be found on the web. And these breastfeeding stations aren't just limited to the malls! They even have a breastfeeding station in the museum! That's why I love Singapore. And what's more to love? Check these out:

  • Parkway Parade Breastfeeding Station

  • Parkway Parade Breastfeeding Station
    I think every floor in Parkway Parade actually has one and this isn't even their best. I've been to 2 breastfeeding stations here and the unphotographed one was definitely better with the diaper changing station area separated from the nursing area. There's actually a small cubicle for nursing moms complete with cushioned seats for a relaxed and comfy atmosphere.

  • Funan IT Mall Breastfeeding Station

  • Funan IT Mall Breastfeeding Station
    This is the breastfeeding station at Funan IT Mall at the ground floor near Qiji food stall. Rather minimalist with a small bench to the side for mom to nurse baby but clean and colorful. Love the colorful restrooms adjacent to the breastfeeding room as well (more on Singapore restrooms later! ).

  • Singapore Museum Breastfeeding Station

  • Singapore Museum Breastfeeding StationSingapore Museum Breastfeeding Station Singapore Museum Breastfeeding Station
    I really just love the idea of the breastfeeding station in a museum. I guess it must be due to the fact that babies aren't really welcome in museums (or is it just me?). Somehow, I have this preconception in my head that museums must be quite (and sombre) that's why babies are no-nos. But having this at the museum said to me that I am wrong and babies are most welcome! I rather love the idea that the Ancient Civilization exhibit was just nearby. Unfortunately, we got in pretty late and the exhibit was already closed for the day. Ughh!

  • Suntec City Breastfeeding Station

  • Suntec City Breastfeeding Station
    Suntec City Breastfeeding Station Suntec City Breastfeeding Station
    We had a hard time finding this one. Haha! Turns out we've been walking around in circles already. But it was so worth it when we got there. Sliding doors electronically operated, good lighting, common diaper changing area, and private cubicles for nursing moms separated by sliding doors with a plush purple chair for comfy nursing time with baby. Just love it!

Suntec City Common Diaper Changing Area
Euna and I at the diaper changing area of Suntec City. Diaper changed and already fed, I had one happy baby in my arms! :)

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Tina said...

SG is one of the BEST places! :) Very mommy and baby friendly! :)
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