Singapore: Checking Out Chinatown

Chinese New Year has come and gone but I thought I'd show you Singapore's Chinatown 3 weeks prior.

love the building
Instead of the lovely chinese building pictured above, my husband went right up to this stall to try out their shark's fin dimsum.
buying shark's fin

Looked for a table and chair so that he could comfortably eat his dimsum.
tables and stalls

Bought a drink (water chestnut aka castanas) to quench his thirst.
who wants a drink?

And enjoyed his shark's fin dimsum. The verdict? He loved it! It was meaty according to him. Asked why he loved it? He just does. Haha! Could be psychological if you ask me. I should stop him from patronizing this dish though. But I still don't have the heart to do so.
shark's fin dimsum

All this time, our poor daughter is sweating it out without air-conditioning. She needed the drink more than her father did.
sweaty euna

More dimsum.

But this is what stole the show for me: rows and rows of hanged and dried meat. Can you spot the dried peking duck?
dried meat

And the street is decked out ready for their Chinese New Year celebration (this was taken weeks before CNY). Chinatown Street
Too bad we didn't stay long enough for the show. We really couldn't. Our poor daughter couldn't have lasted long at the rate that she was sweating and the sound coming from the loud speakers was just not suited for her very young ears.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

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