Visual Tour: Singapore Flyer

Who doesn't recognize this? Asia's counterpart to London's London Eye (well there's the Star of Nanchang in China and soon the Great Wheel of China). But when in Singapore, there's the Singapore Flyer. Standing at an imposing 541 feet, you cannot miss it.
Singapore Flyer

Warning: Picture-heavy

More pics to say "I was there!".
singapore flyer

Getting on the Singapore Flyer is a breeze if a bit daunting at first (acrophobics would have to conquer their fears first) since it doesn't really "stop" for you to get on. It just circles slowly and I was scared I was going to trip or get my feet stuck in between the gap - with Euna! Horrifying! Thankfully, none of my fears happened and the ride offered a great (albeit boring 30 minutes if you're not into infrastructure) view of Singapore. I wish we went at night when the buildings are glowing with their own lights. It must be a spectacular view.
With a grumpy Euna who just woke up.

What you'll see when riding the Singapore flyer: Buildings and lots of buildings!

The view right below when we were just beginning ascent.

The iconic roof of the Esplanade which looks like Durian skin (must be the inspiration. I need to google that).

Stadium? F1 Race Track?
Closer look of the floating stadium at Marina Bay.

The building being constructed to the left is the Marina Bay Sands. A project of a grand scale one taxi driver mentioned it was already 3 years delayed due to the issues encountered with the soil.

More Buildings?


Don't worry if you can't recognize the buildings, a map is provided with in-flight audio guide.

And more reclaimed area!
More reclaimed area


After the ride, you can grab a bite at any of the restos in the first and second level.
Popeyes at Singapore FlyerRobert's Coffee at Singapore Flyer
We ended up having a plate of (bland) fries from Popeye's.
Popeyes Fries

And you can grab some gelato outside too!
Gelato Stall near the Singapore Flyer

Don't forget to have your pic taken in the elevator!
Singapore Flyer Elevator

Or at the Koi pond at the ground level (not really. Hehe. This transported me back to Greenbelt 3 in Makati).
Koi Pond at Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Souvenir
Having the picture taken is free but having it printed is another story. This picture is expensive at 18 SGD (or was that 20) and to think that we were just photoshopped (obvious much?) but since this is the only picture with the 3 of us, we got it anyway.

Tip: When we were there, HSBC had a promo - a 20% discount. I say take it since the difference is significant after converting it to peso!

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