Going Green: Moving on to Biodegradable Nappies

My daughter, Euna, uses about 5-6 diapers on a daily basis which translates to about 180 diapers a month and a whopping 2,160 diapers a year! I can only imagine that that'd be a hill of nappies. So in line with my conscious effort to go green this year, I've recently started Euna on using Safeties Nappy from Australia. Claiming to be 90+% biodegradable (I am confused about this since other's are claiming 100% while others only 80%), I am hoping that my daughter will be leaving less carbon footprint and I would feel less guilty. I am this close to losing sleep over my thoughts of impending doom and the kind of world I'm going to leave her with. Personally, I still prefer Pampers Active Baby because I think it just molds better to Euna's body and movements but I made my choice to stick this one out. So far, I haven't experienced leaks from the Safeties diaper. Somehow, I was thinking that anything biodegradable would be of inferior quality (turns out I was wrong). It also happens to be cheaper than the Active Baby line of Pamper's. If you would like to get your hands on one, there are a lot of online sellers out there. Just take the time to compare prices. ;)

Safeties Nature Nappy

Yes, I have initially planned on using reusable cloth diapers and even bought lampins, chino pinos, and diaper clamps but there's no way my husband and I were going to launder the soiled cloth diapers ourselves. And since we don't have a maid, we ended up using disposable diapers instead.

Ok. Enough about diapers. Back to regular programming.

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