Eight Hours

That was how long our Manila to Davao flight via Philippine Airlines was delayed. See my short rant here. I didn't expect this from my favorite local airline but they definitely were having more than one mechanical failure that day.

the 10 am flight that became 6pm

The 10 a.m. flight I was expecting to get on was full by the time we fell in line to be checked in (a good 90 minutes before departure time). A full plane from the previous night had to be brought back to ramp for mechanical failure, I assume. As a result, passengers on that flight had to be moved to the next flights thereby creating a domino effect. The next flight to Davao after 10 a.m. is 2 p.m. but we couldn't even get on that. We were able to get seats for the 4 p.m. flight but it was again moved to 5:30 p.m. and finally 6:30 p.m. arriving in Davao at past 8 in the evening. Other passengers who had to be in Davao by lunch that day demanded that PAL get them seats on other airlines instead. The only saving grace in the whole debacle is that we were offered reimbursement for round trip tickets, free lunch, and seated Mabuhay class in the next flight. However, these are only minor consolation considering the stress that we had to endure that day, specially that we had Euna with us. I can only imagine what the stranded families in Europe are going through right now.

PAL, I like you. No more of this please.

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