Mabuhay Class Experience

Due to the 8 hour delay, we were given Mabuhay Class seats for our flight which was a first time for me. As you might have read from my previous posts, all my flight experiences are always economy as I couldn't afford the price tag for the business and elite classes. So even if I had a stressful day, I still had the energy (running on endorphins) to document this as it was still all new to me. Haha!

euna enjoying the bigger space with papa
Euna with Papa sitting in Mabuhay class enjoying the bigger space!

plush mabuhay class seats
These seats are definitely bigger, wider, and more plush than fiesta seats.

bigger legroom
Not to mention bigger legroom with individual foot rests.

seat controls
Individual control for the seat: one for the bedrest, other for back, and right most for recline. The middle button doesn't work though (mine and hubby's. Don't know with others).

individual seat monitors
Individual seat monitors which aren't turned on.

individual audio/video control
Individual control for audio/video, call attendant, etc.

bigger stowage bins
Definitely bigger stowage bins (or am I just imagining the extra space?).

onboard meal
Onboard meal. Our Manila to Singapore flight meal was still better than this but I guess this beats the pack of chichirya (snacks composed of peanut and biscuits) that is usually given when sitting in fiesta class.

And have I mentioned that drinks are offered to mabuhay passengers prior to flight? The attendants are dressed differently too (my hubby says it's like having a butler. Haha!).

Still, at the end, we were 8 hours delayed. My daughter might not be scowling in the first pic but she was getting definitely getting cranky. Though we might get Mabuhay class seats next time when we can afford it.

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