Best Arrozcaldo

Aaaah... The memory of this arrozcaldo (rice porridge/congee) makes me want to head out and buy some knowing too well it wouldn't taste the same. This is even better than KFC's, imho, and to think that KFC's arrozcaldo is one of my comfort food. And would you believe I didn't pay a cent for this?
best arroz caldo

Enough with the suspense. The arrozcaldo pictured above came from PAL's mabuhay lounge at Terminal 2 in NAIA. We were granted access to the lounge due to a delayed flight which you can read about here and here. They serve it very basic with just the rice porridge and you can just add seasonings and toppings as you wish (fried garlic, chopped spring onions, salted dried fish, egg, calamansi, and patis). I don't know what makes it so good. I just love it! I don't know how many times I went over to the spread to get repeat servings.

On top of the arrozcaldo, mabuhay lounge also offered the pastries above. This must have been my 4th slice of taisan. Other pictured above are chocolate cookies and carrot cake. Forgot to take picture of the egg sandwich and chicken in cream cheeese sandwich. I preferred the latter.

unlimited drinks
My husband must have downed 3 cans of cola at the least! He would have emptied more had I not chided him and reminded him of his burgeoning weight! I contented myself with several cups of mango juice most of the time though I did consume a can of cola too.

mabuhay lounge

The lounge offered a lot of chairs and sofas. Even a massage (though I don't think that this is free)! Wi-fi is available for laptop users.

terminals with internet access
Terminals with internt access are also provided for the businessman/professional on the go.

Restrooms provide a diaper changer for moms with infants as well as mouthwash for those who'd like to keep their breaths fresh!

Did I mention that Vic (Sotto) and Pia (Guanio) were also there waiting for their flights?

We enjoyed all of the above for free. Guess it's time to start collecting miles!

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