Nanay Bebeng's Buffet in Davao

Is where my uncle-in-law's birthday was held. From what I've read, it's one of the first to offer buffet to davaoenos (now you understand why I usually link buffet with eat-all-you can? Read post on another buffet set-up here. I think majority of Filipinos think this way - say 90%.)

tuna kinilaw spread

What I really liked about their offering is the use of local produce. Notice how the above spread uses tuna, pipino/cucumber, and radish? Everything is available at Davao.

To also offer binignit/tabirak for a dinner buffet is also a first for me!

pinoy salad!
But this really tickled my fancy. Only in Davao have I seen a salad buffet making use of lato/seaweed, steamed okra, steamed eggplant slices, and steamed veggie leaf in sweetened vinegar sauce! Nothing could get more local/regional than this. I grew up with this on the table (and to think I grew up in CDO)!

caramelized camote?
Not really sure if caramelized camote but my teeth couldn't handle this (due to ortho adjustments). Still very local.

suman and biko
Suman and biko in one served with sugar.

burnt leche flan
This one is a bummer: burnt leche flan but still edible.

nanay bebeng ceiling
Decor stayed true to their food offering - very Filipiniana with woven mats and period lanterns.

While the food isn't what I'd refer to exceptional, it was nonetheless still good. The restaurant didn't stray from the local taste or experimented with the dishes. The taste is rather common, to most Filipinos, the above would constitute as comfort food.

Nanay Bebeng Restaurant
Dona Vicenta Village, Davao City
Phone (082) 222-3201

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