Missy Bon Bon in CDO

I've featured other places here in my blog but not my home city - Cagayan de Oro. I think it's about time I pay homage to the city I grew up in specially that I was home for several days and was given the opportunity to see it in a new way. New because a lot of restaurants have cropped up since I've been back specifically in the Lim Ket Kai area one of which is the Missy Bon Bon Breadshop.

missy bon bon outside
Would you think this establishment is a breadshop? It looks so cute (and out of place from all the concrete, it actually stands out. maybe that's what the management was going for).

Breadtalk anyone? Choice of breads and pastries but didn't try any of the above at all except for the Choco Mudslide Cookies (far right, not visible in the pic).

pastries and cakes
Caramel Cheesecake, Chocolate Panacotta, and Tiramisu. If you look at the prices, not exactly cheap by CDO standards. Packaging up a notch from what I was used to back in college. CDO sure is changing and so are the spending habits of the kagay-anons.

pastries and cakes
Chocolate cake which I was dying to try but wasn't able to since they only sold it by the layer. I couldn't afford to buy a layer when I was just doing a pit stop on the way to the airport. I couldn't afford additional hand-carried baggage! Of course what really drew me to this display was the big 30% off for the Caramel Cheesecake.

What I really like about the place - Missy Bon Bon offers gelato in 16 flavors (i'm basing this figure on the picture. hehe)! I don't think there's any other place in CDO that offers one, correct me if I'm wrong as I've been away far too long. Was able to try the blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu, and sans rival and I must say that I loved all three! It was rich and creamy and definitely extremely dense, just bursting with flavor. The sans rival was my favorite among the three but couldn't finish it since it was too sweet (I'm a sucker for ice cream with pastries/cake/brownies). Though the thing with tiramisu is that I like its sweetness (or the lack thereof if you prefer) but there was no alcohol/rum that I could detect that was mixed in and the taste was nearing mocha. Now that I saw that there was actually a Pink Guava flavor, I want to go back and try it! I think someone should do a post on all the gelato flavors offered at Missy Bon Bon. ;)

missy bon bon menu
Missy Bon Bon's menu also includes meals on top of breads and pastries. The blue and yellow theme they have going reminds me of Heaven & Eggs before they became punk rock. The difference is that they're just using a different shade of blue and yellow but still blue and yellow, still very bright and cheerful.

aint it quaint?
Which is what the restaurant is going for, I think. Paneled glass on all sides to let natural light come in. Not to mention, furnishings in white and lounge chairs and inverted lamp shades hanging from the ceiling screaming shabby chic.

my loot
What I brought home with me for my hubby. I didn't really like the above much. Caramel cheesecake (discounted at 30% off) wasn't to my liking. Thought it was much too cheesy sour. The Choco Mudslide cookies tasted like I've made it before and I was actually expecting it to be moist (mudslide!) but it turned out dry as if it was overbaked. But if dry is what they were going for, it certainly isn't working. And the tiramisu was certainly new to me. No broas here or lady fingers. It has a crumbled cake for a crust, with coffee, not sure if liquor was added, and topped with LOTS of whipping cream - not good, at least not for me. Too much whip cream!

Nonetheless, customer service was definitely very good. They have a well-trained staff to assist their customers though the line at the counter was a bummer. Either the cashier needs more time/training with the pos or they need to get another terminal. Having establishments like Missy Bon Bon in Cagayan de Oro certainly told me that the CDO I know is no more. It's a reflection of the time and its people - Kagay-anons, clamoring for change, for variety, clamoring for more.

You can check out Missy Bon Bon here.

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