Flying Solo with Euna and Davao Airport Breastfeeding Station

The trip from Davao to Cagayan de Oro I made the other week was monumental for me - it was the first time I flew solo with Euna. I was worried that it was going to be tiring (and it was) but at the end, it felt so liberating. I've finally proven to myself that, yes, I can do it, fly solo with my little girl, albeit looking like a Christmas tree. I was lugging my trusty huge black sports bag to contain my 2 kilogram laptop, Euna's stuff and mine, and another bag for my dslr. Thanks to my Saya (baby carrier), I was able to hand carry all these and Euna. If I can do it, then you can too. Wonder how?

Having help before and after the flight and allot ample time before departure. My in-law's were with us at the airport and they took care of Euna while I checked in our baggage first. After which, I paid for the terminal fee in advance so that I won't have to when I have Euna with me. It was around this time that I saw the breastfeeding station sign at the Davao airport. It was situated in between the female restroom and the terminal fee counter.

davao airport breastfeeding station
Didn't check it out at that time but it was where Euna and I ended up hanging out. That red sofa is very comfortable, perfect for breastfeeding moms. There's also a diaper changing station.

davao airport breastfeeding station
Sink and dryer for washing hands afterward. Don't forget to write in the logbook. I had the time to thumb through it and the place has served a number of mothers and infants. Some moms were very grateful and left heartwarming messages. I was one of them.

davao airport breastfeeding station
There's also a lavatory in the room but we didn't make use of that. Euna and I hung out at the breastfeeding room until it was time for boarding. The only thing I didn't like is where the breastfeeding room is situated, outside the second security check which meant we had to go through it. And unlike the first time wherein the officer took pity on me and let me pass without my having to remove my shoes, the lady officer demanded that I remove my shoes this time! Ugh! Can't she see I had my hands full?! And she didn't even help! Shame on her!

flying solo with euna
The flight itself was uneventful. Good thing the flight wasn't fully booked so we were afforded an extra seat for Euna.

My family was already at the airport waiting for us by the time we landed. I did learn that lugging a 2 kilogram laptop on top of a baby and a dslr bag is no easy feat. So next time, I'm going to ditch the laptop altogether and just have to put myself through withdrawal symptoms for several days.

Kudos to Davao for having a breastfeeding station right at the airport. I don't think I've noticed one in either PAL terminal in Manila or NAIA 3, or have I just missed them?

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