Dinner at Siam

Another restaurant that recently opened in my home city, aside from Missy Bon Bon, is Siam which offers Thai dishes. Another resto from the Krua Thai group in Davao (haven't really eaten at Krua Thai in Davao yet but have passed by the place a number of times and I always thought I ought to try the place but have never gotten around yet to doing it Update 01-Apr-2011: Oh yes, I've tried it). It was a Saturday evening when we went there and guess what? There was a wait-list! A wait-list for a resto in Cagayan de Oro! I guess, I haven't been out much in the city for some time.

siam facade
I think we were third in the list but it really took some time, around 20-30 minutes, to give us a table. I also raised a stink over, what seemed to me, a group being accommodated ahead of us. I heard the word manager and group in the same sentence and wanted to raise hell over it but since I wasn't sure, backed out. The wait was stressing Euna which meant I was getting stressed too. Seeing that it was going to be some time before we were going to be seated, I ordered mango for my daughter so that she could eat her dinner ahead of us.
sour mango
I had to remind the usherette of the mango I ordered. I was wondering why it was taking some time since as I understand from the menu, the mango was just going to be served as is. When it finally came, mango was yellowed so I was expecting it to be sweet but it turned out still a bit sour. Good thing my little girl didn't complain.

Finally, after what seemed like forever to me (we were waiting outside and there were mosquitoes and I was definitely worried about them biting Euna), we were given a table by the front door.
siam facade
Interior is all white with white furnishings and buddha accents. It was actually tastefully done.

The restaurant wasn't just limited to serving up Thai dishes since I also saw Crispy Pata in the menu. Had to dissuade my parents from ordering familiar (Filipino) dishes and order Thai instead because it was what the restaurant is about. Siam also carries and offers Krua Thai specials.
spicy chicken
Spicy Chicken in basil sauce. My father compared this to the halang-halang he was used to back in the day and liked it.

Usual calamares - battered squid fried and served with ketchup/sweet sauce.

chicken ginger soup
Chicken soup with ginger and lemon grass. Very good for healing colds. I wonder though how this would taste like using native/free-roaming chicken.

spare ribs
Spare ribs. Forgot which particular spare ribs dish though.

pad thai
This Pad Thai was just awesome! Unlike the above dishes which I consider forgettable, this was definitely a winner for me. I think it's Filipinized because it's still sweet but not so much and it has that kick/sour taste to it. The noodles were also just done right. Not stringy or soggy. I believe this is a nontraditional Pad Thai since it's wrapped in egg but it was served hot and I could see steam emanating from it when the egg was removed. I've tried Pad Thai at Som's in Makati near rockwell (which was just sweet and nothing else) and this just beats it.

lapu lapu in sweet chili sauce
Lapu lapu in sweet chili sauce. Very good. A Krua Thai special, but the most expensive dish of the lot.

blueberry drink
Sisters ordered a Blueberry and Strawberry smoothies.

All in all, I thought the restaurant offered great Thai dishes considering price. The price range for the dishes are usually between PhP 100 - PhP 200 except for the specials. And the drinks are priced under a hundred. We also ordered sticky rice with mango (and I did point out the sour mango they served for my daughter beforehand so they made sure to look for a sweet one for us this time) and it was very good to think it was priced under PhP 100.00. I would say their sticky rice with mango could rival People's Palace from greenbelt (except for the presentation).
siam menu

I understand it was a full night and the staff at Siam must have been working overtime/double time. It wasn't off to a great start but at the end of the evening, dinner at Siam is worth it (the price not the stress from my daughter). Barring the incident with the sour mango and time spent waiting for our table, service is actually very good, staff well-trained and very professional, I am actually surprised. Customer service and satisfaction is definitely a priority now in Cagayan de Oro's dining establishments.

Siam by Krua Thai
Rosario Arcade,
Lim Ket Kai Center,
Cagayan de Oro

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