Krua Thai, Davao

A break from my Bangkok posts but still within the theme. We were in Davao about 2 weeks ago and finally were able to try out Krua Thai on Torrest Street, well their desserts at least. I think the resto came from the same group as Siam in Cagayan de Oro which also offers Thai dishes.

I just realized that I haven't even tried the sticky rice with mango while in Bangkok so I ordered this.

This dish looked really good for a date. Unfortunately, while having the essentials (sticky rice & mango), this dish used condensed milk (straight out of the can) instead of coconut milk. I just made sticky rice with mango earlier using coconut milk out of a pouch mixed with brown sugar (would have added cinnamon but we've run out of it) and I beat this dish any day, imho.

H ordered a mango crepe. The crepe tasted like pancake.

I understand the desserts aren't reflective of the place (though the sticky rice with mango seems like a good indicator of how "thai" the dishes are going to be) so we are still giving this place a chance the next time we're in Davao.

At least the decors are.

And the prices reasonable.

Off-topic: I just realized that I have thousands (thousands!!!) of photos to go over and categorize. There's Euna, there's Singapore, Australia, Thailand, the various places here in the Philippines, and events. I don't know where I'd find the time to sort all these out much more write about these. Really, how do other working moms cope out there? No sleep?

Krua Thai is on Torrest street in the building that houses both Antonio's and Bigby's.

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