4 Days/4 Nights Bangkok Itinerary

I thought I'd share our 4 days and 4 nights itinerary in Bangkok. This itinerary was designed with a toddler in mind. If everyone in the group is an able-bodied adult, then this itinerary could very well include more activities. As it is, we were able to do most of the planned itinerary with the exception of the dinner cruise.

Our flight to bangkok was on late Saturday evening and arrival was just before midnight in Bangkok (but nearly 1am Philippine time). The itinerary below begins with our first morning in Bangkok.

17:00 amBreakfast
8:30 amHead to Chatuchak MarketTake the MRT to Chatuchak market. Get off at Kamphaengphet station
6:00 pmSiam Niramit Show/Dinner Cruise
27:00 amBreakfast
8:30 am Grand Palace
Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha

Wat Arun - Temple Dawn
6:00 pm Siam Niramit Show/Dinner Cruise
37:00 amBreakfast
8:30 amTo Bang Pa-In to see the Summer Palace
2:00 Explore Ayutthaya
47:00 amBreakfast
10:00 amSoi Lai Lai Sap Market
1:00 pmSiam Ocean World
4:00Last minute shopping
6:00Back to hotel to get things and take taxi back to Suvarnabhumi airport

Alternative activities:
  • Take a day out side Bangkok for Samphran Elephant Grounds
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Day trip to Kanchanaburi
  • Spend a couple of days in Sukhothai
  • Spend a couple of days in Chang Mai
  • Check out Pattaya for their outlet shopping malls

We weren't able to follow the above itinerary to the letter as one would expect with a toddler. For starters, we never woke up at 7:00 am. We usually started our day at 9:30 am and are out of the hotel at 11:00 am. I would have included a couple of days in Sukhothai if it were only just H and me but there's our 18 month old Euna so we had to update the itinerary accordingly to accommodate her. As mentioned, we were able to do almost all of the activities above with the exception of the dinner cruise and Wat Arun temple (though saw it from the other side of the river).

I'll be updating this post from time to time to update the links to posts for each which would detail the activity. If you'd like to get a copy of our 4D/4N itinerary in Bangkok, do send me a line via the contact page containing your email address. The file actually includes more details for some of the activity included above specially those that are daytrips outside of Bangkok.

Disclaimer: Please do check the internet for updates on each sight/tour/trips. The itinerary above is provided as a guide and to help you plan your own trip to Bangkok/Thailand. I am not responsible for any misinformation.


Unknown said...

hi, please send me a detailed iti, i have a child to bring too,,, thank you, ruizjcantonette@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

hi, please send me a detailed iti, i have a child to bring too,,, thank you, ruizjcantonette@yahoo.com

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