Things To Do Before The Siam Niramit Show

One of the things to do in Bangkok that came highly recommended is the Siam Niramit show. It is an hour long show that showcases the history of Thailand, culture, and buddhist belief. I made arrangements with Kingston Suites that included roundtrip transfers for us from the hotel to the show venue, buffet dinner, and the show itself. It cost us about 3,400.00 THB and I thought it was already a good deal considering the short notice (I called only the night before).

pics with the cast before the show
Make sure to be at the venue as early as 5 pm. A showgirl will greet you with garland/flowers and who will ask you to pose for the camera (which later is sold as a souvenir). Inside, you can also have your pic taken with some of the cast of the show.

There is also a village within the venue that you could check out to give you an idea of how rural/traditional day-to-day Thai life is.
traditional thai house
The traditional thai house is so similar to that of Filipinos. There's space at the bottom for livestock I'd assume. But I noticed that materials used are of wood instead of the prevalent bamboo in the Philippines.

And there's almost always a terrace and close to a water.
ride the boat
You can get on the boat for a spin around. It's really free but it's up to you to leave gratuity.

You can also explore the dwellings.
For this particular house, I noticed that the kitchen and living/sleeping space are on separate huts but still part of the same platform.
sleeping area
Any tropic place would have mosquitoes eh?

We also had a taste of this wonderful rice pudding which tasted sweet with just a little hint of salt to it. Similar to puto (Philippine steamed rice cake) except that this is liquid in the middle, mixed with coconut milk, and garnished with spring onions on top.

Also featured in the village are the creativeness of the Thais.
boy making flower garlands
A teenager making flower garlands. There's a science behind it. Dexterity of hands included.
flower garland

puppet show
The puppet show with patterns painstakingly made from dried cowhides and their tools to create the shape and intricate patterns on the clothes and afterwards are colored/painted.
puppet masks?
Some shadow puppets (which were also used in the Siam Niramit show, I think) and below, some traditional writing?
some calligraphy?

Not to mention that you could also feed and ride the elephant. For a price, of course.

h feeding the elephant
H feeding the sole elephant in the area (also part of the Siam Niramit show). For 30 baht.
30 baht to feed the elephant

H riding an elephant
H also rode one and seemed to throughly enjoy it. For 100 baht.
The platform to get onto the elephant.

elephant crap and piss
At the end, the elephant must have been pissed because he/she let it all out. Haha!

Most of the images used in this post were taken by H. Post-processing still goes to me. And what was I doing most of the time?
with euna
Holding our sleeping little girl.

No complaints though as she was attentive during the whole show.

There's still the buffet at the Siam Niramit show but that would be a whole new post. Watch out for it!

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