When In Bangkok...

Don't bother bringing a stroller! Unless you're only going to spend all your time at the mall.
euna in a stroller
Euna at the airport - the only time wherein we were able to use her stroller for a length of time (and this was still in the Philippines!).

This is what you'll encounter when you want to get onto the BTS (Bangkok's skytrain) from the ground:
sealed elevators at bts
Locked elevators. You need to call for the policeman/guard to be able to get on one. And then wait.
wait to contact staff

And the streets aren't exactly stroller-friendly. We were staying at a hotel near the Sukhumvit line and the sidewalks for pedestrians in the side streets are barely a foot wide. So we ended up walking on the street. You really have to be careful with the passing cars.

I wasn't even able to use the Saya baby carrier for carrying Euna around as the weather was much too humid. Add to that is she's getting way too heavy. To begin with, the Saya I bought back in 2009 was already way too big for me (a size 1), but just ok for my husband's frame. But I made do with it for more than a year.

Out with Euna
How I carried Euna in the Saya at 6 months.

You can just imagine how Euna looks in the Saya now.

So instead, I used it mainly as a breastfeeding cover.
With Euna at Terminal 3
This pic was taken at Singapore. No pic of me breastfeeding Euna while in Thailand.

At 18 months, Euna already likes her little independence. Every once in a while, she'd like to be carried and then put down again. She doesn't want to stay seated in the stroller all the time. At this stage, she's already bent on exploring her environment herself (but not get too far away from mama and papa).

euna kamphaengphet
Euna running around Kamphaengphet station.

So I think I found the perfect answer to this new situation - the Babynari baby hip hugger. I actually saw a father using this with his toddler while in a subway in Bangkok.

Hope it works as well (for us) as the reviews.

I have requested one from Euna's Ninong (Bert, you better bring home one! Thanks daan :)). I'm looking forward to taking it on a road test. Now, the question is, where do we go next?

But I'm still bringing the Saya, even if just to use as a breastfeeding cover. :)

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