Chatuchak Weekend Market - Kamphaengphet Station

It was a good thing that we arrived just past midnight on Sunday as it meant that we still have Sunday to checkout Chatuchak market (also known as JJ market). It is one of the must-go-to places when in Bangkok so we were lucky to at least have booked the flight in time for this. If you're reading this, then I suggest that you arrive by Friday so that you still have 2 days - Saturday and Sunday to go through the market. It is waaaaay beyond huge!

As evidenced by this map.
We took the MRT going to Chatuchak market. You could either get off from Chatuchak Park station or, like us, get off at the next Kamphaengphet station.

Click on the map to enlarge
I read that the upmarket items were on the Kamphaengphet side and since I didn't have the luxury of time, decided to get off at Kamphaengphet station instead (feelers though as I actually didn't end up buying a lot of stuff as I thought anything beyond THB 200.00 was way too expensive).


And what you'd actually see to your right when coming out of Kamphaengphet station.

And coming out of the station, to your left is the Chatuchak market.
That trinket shop to the right is where I bought my rosegold coated silver flower earrings. So cute (but no pictures for now)! The only thing that I bought from the market exceeding THB 200.

More jewelry shops.


This side of the market is where you'd find trendy, runway inspired clothes where tops would range from THB 300 up and dresses start from THB 500/600. There are also really great quality leather bags you'll find here for a couple of thousand bhats.

I spotted a Hermes bag from this stall but I didn't bother asking for the price. I don't know if it's the real deal.

pasalubong for my sisters
What I actually ended up buying as pasalubong for my sisters. This I bought just outside the perimeter of the market as we were looking to change some of our USD.

It was nearly lunch time when we got to the market (because we slept at past 3 in the morning) and so it was so hot and humid and my poor daughter was sweating profusely.
Bought this coconut sorbet just a few meters off the entrance to Kamphaengphet station to help us cool off.

Note: While most of Bangkok is not stroller friendly, the streets of the market is. Just not the really narrow passageways within the stalls where locals and tourists alike are passing through. Babies/toddlers are best carried within.

After just almost 3 hours in the market, we called it quits. I was way too tired from carrying Euna around.

And we weren't the only ones. These locals/tourists took refuge in the airconditioned underground station.

The best thing is, there's also an underground mall within the station which is also open during the weekend and it's airconditioned.
underground mrt stalls

underground mrt stalls

There's also a refreshment stall. I liked their bread with butter. Forgot the name though.

food stall in kamphaengphet stn

euna with jumping chick
What H bought our little girl because he used to have one - a jumping chick toy that needs to be wound to jump. Feeling nostalgic much?

For more info on chatuchak market, check this out.

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