Buffet Breakfast at Ibis

As usual, I am so behind on my posts. Was in Singapore a month ago and have already wrote a post on Ibis Bencoolen's accommodation. I've promised to write a post on the hotel's buffet breakfast so here it is.

ibis bencoolen breakfast buffet - area
We stayed at the hotel for 5 days and ate breakfast at the hotel the whole time. Similar to the rooms, the spread was ok, nothing fancy, it will leave you full but at the end - forgettable!

ibis bencoolen breakfast buffet - pastries
Bread and muffins with choice of jams and toaster.

ibis bencoolen breakfast buffet - cereals
Cereal with milk. Juice and coffee were offered but no hot choco.

ibis bencoolen breakfast buffet - fruit
Choice of fruits: apple, cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon.

rice - finally!
Yay! I was happy that rice was included. The first day, the selection only offered noodles and spicy at that! The spread actually alternates rice and noodle. So I ate less than usual for the 2 days that noodles were served. Also pictured above are scrambled and hard boiled eggs.

what's on my plate
The choices don't differ much from day to day. It's usually just sausage, egg, bacon, fried mashed potatoes, and noodle/rice. As I've said before: enough to satisfy a grumbling stomach but at the end forgettable!

The only saving grace in the whole spread - muffins! I specially liked the chocolate and blueberry filled ones.

It's a good thing that this was a business trip so the payment for the accommodation didn't actually came from my own pocket as the buffet breakfast is so not worth it, imho. There are a lot of food places around the Ibis Bencoolen area starting with the Albert Court hawker center just behind the hotel not to mention the food places across and beside the hotel! I suggest skipping breakfast at the hotel altogether!

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