Why I Love Singapore #2: Toddler Restrooms!

Unexpectedly, I was back in Singapore for the 2nd time the past 4 days for a business and leisure trip and just got back thus my absence from HFTW (really should create a twitter account for those quick posts). And I'm not even done with posts from my first Singapore trip! Anyway, just wanted to leave you with this (in addition to my post on breastfeeding stations from my first trip):

Restroom for kids at ION Mall
Restroom specially designed for toddlers!

This was at ION Mall along Orchard Road. We decided to drop by this retail street this trip since we weren't able to explore the area the first time around.
Restroom for kids at ION Mall
And look what we have here: child sized toilet bowl and urinals for our little kiddos! I included other items in the image (such as my bag) for relative size. Makes it so much easier for the kids to go, don't you think?

Restroom for kids at ION Mall
And who would want to reach that adult-height sink when you're only 3-4 feet tall? Everything in this room is designed for children (which I am comfortably sitting on btw. Good thing it held)!

I guess it says a lot about a country's standard when they have amenities in their malls such as this. Hope we would have one in the country by the time Euna's potty-trained!

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