Nihon Mura at Tampines

After that business meeting I went to in Singapore, my colleagues (Pinoys) decided to have lunch at Nihon Mura, a casual Japanese place nearby in the Tampines area. It was a Friday and the area was packed with lots of pinoys - understandable considering the place offers sushi at $1.19 a plate (the management just upped it from 99 cents a plate).
This was my first time in such a place and the concept of sushis and makis on a conveyor belt was definitely a surprise. Everything was at $1.19 except for the red plates which are at $2.99.

Each table was provided with a canister with a number and based on what you want, just pick a particular stick and place it in your canister. This is how orders are taken. Choice of beverages below.

Look at that spread. All for 6 people and there's still more to come. Though looking at the image below, it looks like there's more rice than fish/shrimp.
Still not bad at $1.19. I guess you just need to know which ones are worth it and which ones aren't.

I specially love this grilled mushroom wrapped in bacon. It had a smoky and salty flavor to it. The flavor of the bacon was absorbed by the mushroom (shredded and bunched together) and it was just delish!

A very boring and forgettable ramen. Forgot the price and the taste. Wasn't even able to finish this.

As usual, a japanese meal isn't complete without tempura.

This dish is interesting: it looks like fries but it is actually fish in batter and fried. Image below is a close-up. I hope that this is already the fish's grown-up size.

I think it says a lot about us Pinoys that we flock at a place like this - most of us definitely prefer quantity.
Restaurant interior. Better not go on a Friday lunch because it could get loud and busy. I think this is one of the few places wherein you can get Japanese food the cheapest. We ate at Sakae Sushi after, similar concept, but it was definitely more expensive than this. Nihon Mura has branches all over Singapore. Check the full list out at their website.

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