Sakae Sushi at Changi Terminal

sakae sushi sg: menu
Speaking of Sakae Sushi, we had a quick lunch at this particular restaurant in Changi Terminal 2 while waiting for our flight back to Manila. The familiar conveyor belt filled with sushis and makis beckoned to me and since I wanted to share the Nihon Mura experience with my husband coupled with their HSBC buy 1 take 1 pink plate promo, we couldn't resist.
sakae sushi sg: the deciding factor

I only realized that there's actually also a Sakae Sushi branch in Manila when we were already seated. I rationalized, I could always compare.
sakae sushi sg: more sushi/maki
All colored plates except for the red and pink plates are at SGD 1.99, the pink plate is SGD 3.99, and red at SGD 5.99. Definitely more expensive than Nihon Mura.

That's why we stocked up on pink plates. Or at least got 4 pink plates because you could only get a maximum of 2 free plates.
sakae sushi sg: california maki w/ avocado
In their defense, I think they served better sushi and maki (compared to Nihon Mura explaining the difference in price). The salmon pictured above is definitely fresh. Also tried their california maki and instead of the usual mango, they used avocado. And those were definitely fresh fish roe.
sakae sushi sg: salmon
Salmon topped with Japanese mayo and a bit of fish roe. I am definitely drooling again just looking at this.

sakae sushi sg: ramen
My husband was the one to finish this ramen off.

sakae sushi sg: merchandise
Sakae Sushi merchandise. I don't know why they chose a frog for a mascot. Can anyone explain why?

where can i buy this chair?
Where can I buy a chair like this in the Philippines?

sakae sushi sg: entrance
Our total bill was more than SGD 30.00 which just included the ramen, the 4 pink plates of which 2 are free, 1 red plate, and a cola for my husband. It was definitely not cheap (at least for us). This would have been equivalent to a buffet for 2 persons at Saisaki! Haha! Seriously though, I wonder how Sakae Sushi Philippines would compare.

You can check out Sakae Sushi Singapore at

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